Dumb A.I., Dumb Anarchist: Using the Transcriptive Glossary

We’ve been working on Transcriptive for like 3 years now. In that time, the A.I. has heard my voice saying ‘Digital Anarchy’ umpteen million times. So, you would think it would easily get that right by now. As the below transcript from our SRT Importing tutorial shows… not so much. (Dugal Accusatorial? Seriously?)

ALSO, you would think that by now I would have a list of terms that I would copy/paste into Transcriptive’s Glossary field every time I get a transcript for a tutorial. The glossary helps the A.I. determine what  ‘vocal sounds’ should be when it translates those sounds into words. Uh, yeah… not so much.

So… don’t be like AnarchyJim. If you have words you know the A.I. probably won’t get: company names, industry jargon, difficult proper names (cool blog post on applying player names to an MLB video here), etc., then use Transcriptive’s glossary (in the Transcribe dialog). It does work. (and somebody should mention that to the guy that designed the product. Oy.)

Use the Glossary field in the Transcribe dialog!Overall the A.I. is really accurate and does usually get ‘Digital Anarchy’ correct. So I get lazy about using the glossary. It is a really useful thing…

A.I. Glossary in Transcriptive

2 thoughts on “Dumb A.I., Dumb Anarchist: Using the Transcriptive Glossary”

  1. Hey guys, love this product… but I must disagree rather loudly. I use the Glossary tool EVERY-SINGLE-TIME, but it NEVER worked. Been doing so for 2 years now.

    We do technical marketing videos, so always tons of technical terms, brand names, etc. Some pretty simple, but still, the Glossary entry does not seem to connect with the AI transcription process – ever. Same terms over and over again, across multiple projects, but still, no joy. As if there is not learning whatsoever.

    I’d love to be proven wrong on this, trust me!


  2. Hi Alain, Sorry… just saw this. Can you contact me at jim@nulldigitalanarchy.com? Would love to get a bit of your footage and test it out. We have seen it work really well in some cases, but we’ve mostly tested it with proper names. But feel free to reach out, it’d be great to figure out what’s going on and get it working for you. Best, Jim

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