Transcribe Everything! Easily Search Footage & Create Captions

Transcriptive uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing to transcribe footage. This makes all that footage searchable and makes it easy to create captions or paper edits. It’ll help automate and accelerate your video workflow!

It's an inexpensive, fast, and flexible way of turning all your audio into transcripts.

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Transcriptive Search function on transcripts

Need to find where something was said in your video? Easily search the transcript and jump to that point in your video.

With Transcriptive being fully integrated into Adobe Premiere, you can now search the audio using text as if you were using Google. Whether it’s in a sequence or a clip, simply type in the word or phrase you’re looking for and find it. Don’t know where in the hour long video your talent said that funny quip? No worries, just use this amazing tool and search for the phrase. Perfect for working on documentaries, news or even that never ending cache of video clips! With Transcriptive, you can find it expeditiously.

Transcriptive is low cost, and just pennies for a minute of transcribing

Get Accurate Transcripts in Minutes for Pennies

Pressed on time? Transcribe 60 minutes of video in 10 minutes for under $4.00. It’s easy, fast and [best of all] economical. There are two great choices when it comes to having your speech converted to text.

First, our Transcriptive A.I. offers 97% accuracy and allows you to align existing English transcripts for free. The second option is Transcriptive Speechmatics, which has up to a 95% accuracy rate and offers the option to align existing transcripts in other languages for $0.04/min. The transcription cost for both Transcriptive AI and Transcriptive Speechmatics is $0.08/min.

Transcriptive prepaid minutes

Reduce Transcription Costs with our Pre-paid minutes packages

Purchasing transcription credits in bulk will reduce your transcription costs in half. For small companies and independent editors, the $150 package will make it possible to secure 62.5 hours of transcription without breaking the bank. If you and your team are transcribing large amounts of footage every month, going for the $500 will allow you to save even more. Choose the option that best suits your needs and pay $0.04/min instead of the regular $0.08/min price. Credits can be purchased from your Transcriptive for Premiere Pro Panel or Web App account.

Transcriptive is low cost, and just pennies for a minute of transcribing

Sync existing transcripts to a clip for free (English only! Charges apply for other languages)

Already have a transcript? Easily import the file into Transcriptive with our offline alignment tool and take advantage of all the other capabilities Transcriptive offers. After syncing the transcript to a sequence or clip, each word on the text will a timecode and users will be able to use search, edit, and export the transcripts in a variety of captioning and subtitling formats.

The offline alignment is restricted to English transcriptions. Syncing transcripts in a different language will require an internet connection and cost $0.04/min with Transcriptive Speechmatics.

Transcriptive's accuracy makes it easy to create subtitles or captions for videos

Captions, subtitles and more

The accuracy of Transcriptive makes it easy to create captions or subtitles to meet legal requirements or to enhance your search engine rankings via metadata on YouTube (or any other online platforms). There’s no longer an excuse for not having subtitles. The accuracy and the low cost makes it possible for any video editor or producer to easily add captions to all their projects.