Beauty Box: Make everyone look beautiful.

And we’re back. Digital Anarchy is once again making plugins for After Effects and Final Cut Pro. Our first new product is Beauty Box 1.0, which was released yesterday. In a nutshell, this plugin automatically does skin retouching, which reduces wrinkles and removes blemishes.

If you weren’t able to hire a makeup artists for your shoot, or you just have regular people who look, well… regular, then Beauty Box allows you to do skin retouching without having to go frame by frame. It’s a powerful new plugin that uses face detection and an advanced smoothing algorithms to smooth out the skin while keeping all the other details sharp and in focus.

Of course, we have the privilege of working with beautiful models. But Beauty Box will make everyone look beautiful! Ok, well, maybe not everyone. But if it’s possible, Beauty Box makes it easier to get them there.


From our official Press Release:

“Digital Anarchy, a leading provider of cost-effective special effects software for Adobe and Apple products, has today announced the release of a new product for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and Apple’s Final Cut Pro. The Beauty Box 1.0 provides editors and visual effects artists working with film and video an easy and powerful way of smoothing out skin and removing blemishes. Regardless of whether it is used for a feature film, reality TV show, or just a corporate talking head, Beauty Box provides best-of-class skin beautification. Beauty Box 1.0 marks Digital Anarchy’s return to making expert products for the film/video market.” (full release)

Now when someone says ‘fix her in post’, perhaps you really can. Try out the free demo on our website.



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