Beauty Box model shoot.

Beauty Box has been a very fun product to develop. The best part of releasing our new Beauty Box product, I think, was working with the models who lent their beauty and time. After the photoshoot, we treated their skin with our Final Cut Pro plugin in post-production. This smoothed out theirĀ  blemishes, laugh lines and other issues with their skin quality.

Before the models arrived, Digital Anarchy spent the morning preparing the shoot area. We decided to convert the living room of our Chief Executive Anarchist, Jim Tierney, rather than renting a space. His purple velvet couch made a terrific rich backdrop and we hung black striped curtains to frame the shots. Some of the footage was shot outside; luckily the weather held. San Francisco in December can be very cold or very warm, often within the same three hour period.

Sitting in for the models before they arrive:


We shot both video footage and still photographs for the Beauty Box examples. Because of the video, we needed continuous lights. We used two 750W Lowel Totas for main and fill lights, a Lowel Pro for the hair light, and a 32″ reflector. For the photos, we added a Canon 580EX flash and used a Canon 5D. We used the Canon 5D Mark II to shoot the HD video and a Panasonic DVX100 for the SD footage.

Outside with our model, just before the SF weather turned from 70 to 60 degrees.


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