Upgraded to FCP 10.6? Please Update Your Plugins.

Apple just launched Final Cut Pro 10.6 which has some cool new features, like Face Tracking. Unfortunately they also introduced a bug or two. One of which prevents our plugins from registering. So… we updated all our plugins to work around the issue. Please go here: https://digitalanarchy.com/demos/psd_mac.html

And you can download the updated version of any plugin you own. You only need to do this if you’re doing a fresh install of the plugins. Updating FCP should not cause the problem. But if you’re re-installing the plugin, then you might need the updated version.

The issue is that the Yellow Question Mark at the top of the Inspector, doesn’t open a dialog when it’s clicked. It should open up our registration dialog (or about box) as shown here:

Registration dialog for Beauty Box or any Digital Anarchy plugin

So if you’re clicking on the Question Mark to register and nothing happens… Please update your plugins!

These are free updates if you own the most recent version of the plugin.

If you own an older version and don’t want to upgrade, the licensing dialog DOES work in Motion. It’s only an FCP problem. So if you have Motion, you can apply the plugin there and register it.

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