Downloading plugins and demos from our website

One common thing that support gets contacted about is how to download plugins you’ve already purchased. These are available on the Demos page (now called Downloads | Demos).

The Demo version is exactly the same as the release version. You enter your serial number or log in and that removes the watermark. So if you see the ‘Demo’ version, that’s exactly what you need.

We’ve changed the Main Menu on to show ’ Downloads | Demos’ (instead of ‘Demos’) to make this a little more obvious. But the Download page still talks about ‘demos’ a lot, so don’t be put off because of that. These are still the files you want to download. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the plugin, the first time you apply the plugin to a clip in your host app it’ll pop up a dialog asking for your serial number. Enter that and it’ll get rid of the watermark. (FCP sometimes has a problem with this, here’s a tutorial on how to fix it)

If you’ve previously registered the plugin and are just re-installing it, your license should be on the machine, so you won’t need to enter in your serial number again.

If you get an error message saying ‘Contact Digital Anarchy’, please check your plugin folder to make sure there’s only one copy of the plugin. Sometimes the installer doesn’t uninstall the previous version of the plugin. For example, you might have Beauty Box 4.2.3 and Beauty Box 5.1 installed. If so, manually delete 4.2.3, restart your host app, and the error should disappear.

It’s also helpful to know what version you purchased. If it’s not the latest version you’ll need to scroll down a little to find, say, Beauty Box 4.0. The Beauty Box 5.0 installers will be listed at the top of the Beauty Box section, so you need to scroll past those to get to the 4.0 or earlier installers.

If you have an older version and want the latest version, you can get a discounted price by going to the Upgrades section of the DA Store. Enter in your older serial number and you’ll get a discount of up to 50% vs. a brand new license. Newer versions have new features, bug fixes and support the latest OS. While your license for an older version is always good for that version, we only update the newest version with bug fixes. So if the OS or Host App breaks an older version, you will have to upgrade.

So head over to the Downloads | Demo page and grab the latest version of your plugin!

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