Get help with installation

Not sure where your Digital Anarchy files downloaded to? Having difficulty getting your serial number to work or an installer to run? Maybe you just want an explanation of what a .dmg file is. Read on...

Download, Install, and Activate Your Video Plugin on Windows

This video takes you through the nuts and bolts of downloading a product to a Windows machine, then installing the plugin into your host application. Together we will get a ZIP file from the Digital Anarchy website, save it to your hard drive, unzip the installer, run the installer, and save the plugin files to your host application's plugins folder. We also go over the plugin folders' locations as well as identifing how to apply the plugin to your footage or photos.

Download, Install, and Activate Your Plugin on Mac

This video explains how to install a Digital Anarchy product into your host application on the Macintosh operating system. We discuss un-mounting the DMG file, launching the installer file, running the installer, and locating the installed files in the Finder. We also show how to find the plugin in your video or photo edting app of choice and apply it to your media for great post-production results.

Download, Install, and Activate Your Photo Plugin

This video shows how to download and install your Digital Anarchy photo plugin step-by-step. Together we will download a file from the Digital Anarchy website, save it to your hard drive,run the installer, and input your serial number. We also go over the plugin folders' locations as well as identifying how to apply the plugin to your footage or photos.p>

Gray Crosshatches or 'Digitalanarchy.' text through image

  • Q.  I can't see the image that I am working on. There is crosshatches or gray text across my photo or on top of my video. How can I evaluate your product with that in the way?
  • A.  If you see a watermark covering your graphic, then you are viewing our product in demo mode. If you have not purchased our product, this watermark will stay until you make the purchase.

    Please be assured that our demo works exactly as the purchased version, so you can get a complete understanding of how the product works. Once you purchase, you will receive serial information to remove that watermark.

Moving plugin betwen apps didn't work

  • Q.   Can I move a plugin file from one version of an application to another? I dragged the Digital Anarchy plugin file from Photoshop 7.0 into Photoshop CS3, and now the product doesn't work.
  • A.  No, you can't 'drag and drop' a plugin file from one version of an application to another. You need to do what's called a 'fresh install'. This means that you need to install the plugin from an installer (a .exe or .dmg file) directly into the application's 'Plugins' folder. Otherwise, the plugin will not be able to properly find resource and support files that are placed in your computer during installation.

    To get the installer that you need, you can download the Windows or Mac demo of the product. Enter your serial number when requested to unlock the demo. If you need help or your serial number resent, please contact us using the product's Request Form.

Plug-in won't launch when I double-click it

  • Q.   digital anarchy install I tried to install your product at least 3 times. Every time I try to open it from the Plug-ins folder, it says "Could not complete your request because Photoshop does not recognize this type of file." Can you explain why this won't work.
  • A.  digital anarchy install It sounds like you are trying to launch our product by double-clicking the plugin file in the PhotoshopPlug-ins folder on your hard drive. That is not the way a plugin is recognized by Photoshop, though it does seem like a logical method.

    Instead, you will launch our plugin directly inside Photoshop. In Photoshop, create or open a file, then go to Photoshop's Filter menu. You will see a Digital Anarchy > Product submenu to select. This launches the plugin!

OK button for serial number is grayed out

  • Q.   I entered in my serial information, but the 'OK' button is still grayed out. Why won't the installer accept my serial info?
  • A.  Most likely, you are entering the serial info incorrectly. The info is case sensitive so pay attention to capitals and lowercase letters. If we left your Organization line blank, please don't type anything into that field.

    Here are some tips:
    - If the CAPS LOCK key is not working for capital letters, use the Shift key.
    - For your serial number, the dashes need to be typed.
    - If copy/paste doesn't work, try hand typing. Sometimes an invisible character (like a space) gets caught in the letters.

    If these tips doesn't help, send us a screenshot of the dialog box with your information filled in. We will look for anything that seems incorrect. Contact us here.