Fashion for female photographers.

I recently came across an article about a photography vest that’s cut for the female figure. The vest is by Foto Fashionista and “offers female photographers a more fashionable choice for carrying necessities while shooting”. The article is on a great industry blog, Picture Soup, and written by Diane Berkenfeld, the blog hostess and writer/photographer extraordinaire. Read the article.

Catering to female fashion is ages old but seems to be a new trend in photography. I did a little googling and didn’t any resources for female-specific clothing though there’s lots of material about how to dress your female models (hint: in very little).

I did see some merchandising at two trade shows, PMA and WPPI, earlier this year. At WPPI in March, for instance, the ShootSac company was a popular destination. They create fashionable messenger bags that are designed to attractively and securely carry photography gear. These bags attract female photographers — of course! — and to help along the marketing, Shootsac gave out colorful flowers to pin in your hair. A lot of female consumers were wearing them on the show floor and that’s what attracted my attention — yep, I’m a woman — though my male coworker didn’t notice the flowers at all.

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Slightly off-topic but also at WPPI, the Boudoir Divas booth was very busy wearing jaunty little hats covered in flowers. This photography studio specializes in photographing female clients in sexy, intimate settings. They boast an all-female staff and sell their information with training workshops and social media outreach. Looks like a great business (and schwagg campaign) and many women at WPPI thought so too.

By the way, there were no men in the ShootSac or Boudoir Divas booths no matter when I passed by. If you were a single guy at this show, these were definitely the places to be.

regards -debbie

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