Beauty Box Photo & ‘freaking geniuses’.

Truly the best part of working at Digital Anarchy is you, our customer. While doing technical support can sometimes be difficult, it is incredibly rewarding to work through an issue and get praise from the person we have helped. It’s even better when that praise is sprinkled with funny accolades, like this recent email from Jeff Dean (condensed to show the good stuff).

The only downside is that  our engineer now wants new business cards with ‘high lord of Photoshop’ as his title. I keep telling him to take the ‘freaking genius’ title and be satisfied.

By the way, the tech support issue that we solved is regarding our new Beauty Box Photo plugin, a fast, easy skin smoothing tool for Photoshop. There is a conflict with Apple’s ATI video card when you are running Photoshop CS5 and OS X 10.6.4. The solution to the crash is to upgrade Photoshop CS5 to version 12.0.1 and make sure Beauty Box’s ‘Use GPU’ switch is turned off.

regards -debbie

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