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Light Wrap Fantastic - Amazing Green Screen Composites

The Light Wrap Fantastic Plugin: We're excited to announce a new plugin for assisting with green/blue screen compositing! The Light Wrap Fantastic allows you to easily create light wraps around keyed or masked footage. Creating better and more convincing composites!Learn more.

Beauty Box Video Skin Retouching Plugin

Beauty Box Video 4.0: Now with real time rendering (with some GPUs)! Download the free trial and see what the raves are about and why you've seen it on so many music videos, commercials, and films!Learn more.

Flicker Free Deflicker Plugin for Time Lapse, Slow Motion, LED Flicker, and Restoration

Flicker Free 1.0: Our amazing new plugin for deflickering time lapse, slow motion, LED flicker, and archival/old video footage. Flicker Free analyzes footage on the fly to quickly and easily deflicker video and fit into your workflow! Learn more.

Beauty Box Skin Retouching Plugin for Photoshop, Elements or Aperture

Beauty Box Photo : Apply Digital Makeup to your photos with our latest skin retouching plugin! Beauty Box Photo allows you to quickly and easily erase skin blemishes and wrinkles, even out skin tones, and reduce shine within Adobe Photoshop - achieving a consistently professional result. Learn more.

FREE Beauty Box Photo iPhone and iPad app

Lightroom plugins are coming soon! We've ported our most popular Photoshop plugins over to Lightroom. You'll soon see releases of ToonIt!, Beauty Box, and Primatte for Lightroom. You all have been asking for it and you're going to get it! :-)

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Featured Plugins

Beauty Box Video for Avid

Beauty Box 4 for Avid and OpenFX

Beauty Box 4 is now available for Avid and OpenFX apps in addition to Adobe apps and FCP! The best skin retouching plugin is now also the fastest! Read More


Flicker Free for AE/PPro/FCP

The de-flicker plugin that is blowing everyone away! Remove flicker caused by camera/light sync problems, time lapse, slow motion and more.Read More

Deflicker Footage in Avid

Flicker Free for Avid

The amazing plugin for removing flicker is now out for Avid! Avid Editors now have access to the most powerful and easy way of removing flicker available.Read More