Outback art with Chrissie Campbell.

Digital Anarchy recently added an interesting artist to our ToonIt! Photo gallery. Her name is Chrissie Campbell and she is truly a woman of many mediums and skills. I love the main image on her website’s About page. It seems to pull in all of her talents: painting, photography and digital manipulation. Very contemporary and strong but with a delicate stylization.

It’s fun becoming friendly with someone online, then discovering details like where she lives. Chrissie’s business name is ‘Kakadu Design’ and it didn’t occur to me what that indicated until I visited her website and looked at the promo images. Kakadu National Park is located in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Chrissie wrote to me, “I live up here where they call ‘the top end’ of Australia. Lots of Crocodiles and gorgeous Native Birds! Winter here at present, the dry season, so it has cooled just enough to not have the air conditioning running 24/7. Very tropical type weather so still in shorts & singlets in winter! It really is a beautiful part of the world and I am working from a very small remote area town in the heart of Kakadu World Listed Heritage National Park. Only about population of 500 or so in town, one small outback store and mainly tourist type businesses. In addition to my photography and digital work, I also paint on commission from photographs so if you are ever interested, just drop me an email.”

Sounds beautiful to me as I write from the “warm & sunny” summer weather of San Francisco, CA. High 50’s and quite foggy. Also beautiful are the water-media paintings on Chrissie’s site. Check out more art on her portfolio website, and a feature of her digital work in Digital Anarchy’s online ToonIt! gallery.

kind regards -Debbie

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