Celebrities of LENNON the Photographer, Part II.

LENNON the Photographer has given us terrific celebrity images that he creates, in part, with our Adobe Photoshop greenscreen plugin, Primatte Chromakey. A year after we first talked to LENNON about his work, he contacted us with more high-profile photography. There is a **gorgeous** shot of Gilles Marini from Dancing with the Stars, as shown below.


Something that I really enjoy about LENNON is that his personality seems as colorful as the celebrities that he photographs. That’s why his first name is always written in CAPS; very Hollywood, yes?

LENNON the Photographer also showed us the final composites for Ambercrobie Model Billy Marquette for International Press. You can see them all by going to our Portrait Gallery page. We don’t have much information about the photoshoot or the original greenscreen images. But these are all composites created in Photoshop after using Primatte Chromakey for the masking process.

In 2008, LENNON did a photoshoot for Michael Petersen, star of Disney’s ‘Movie Surfers’. You can see the ‘before’ and ‘after’ images of these terrific composites in our Primatte Gallery. You can also read last year’s blog post about LENNON and go to his commercial portfolio at www.lennonthephotographer.com.

regards -Debbie

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