Find your inner freak.

Just read an article on one of my favorite industry news sites,, which is related to Studio Monthly magazine. It’s about a new SciFi film that uses relatively low budget techniques to tell a story about the futurism of Mexico. The film is Sleep Dealer and the director is Alex Rivera.

I always enjoy reading about people’s hardware and software choices and moreso about their creative decisions. But what I really enjoyed about this article was the final interview question asked of Rivera.

Note: This movie still has been reposted from

“Q: Do you have any advice for aspiring filmmakers?
A: Find your inner freak. If you’re just trying to get the best lighting or camera movement, you’re competing with thousands of other people. There are so many movies that get made that the only way to stand out is be different. Be your own bizarre self.”

Guess this is the most challenging aspect of being an artist of any kind, digital or not. It’s easy enough to learn tools and techniques. It’s more difficult to decide what to do with them creatively. I’ve been hanging with Digital Anarchy for seven years now, and am still amazed and delighted by the new and original uses for our Adobe Photoshop plugins that folks come up with. You can see some of these graphics here in our online Gallery.

regards -Debbie

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