Get Accurate Transcripts in Minutes for Pennies

Transcriptive's use of AI is truly a revolutionary way of getting transcripts

Transcribing 60 minutes of video in 10 minutes for less than $4.00. It’s fast, easy and economical. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning make it possible to analyze audio and quickly turn it into text. Furthermore, the AI has up to a 97% accuracy rating, and it’s truly an amazing solution to getting transcripts all within Premiere Pro.

Two AI services make getting accurate transcripts easy and economical

Choose which is the better fit for you between the two amazing AI speech services:

-Transcriptive A.I. offers 97% accuracy, is priced at $0.12/minute, and allows you to pay for the transcriptions as you go.Use our A.I. if you want the highest accuracy and least amount of text cleanup.

-Speechmatics is about 95% accurate, works well with audio with a lot of background noise, and costs $0.07 per min.

Search Your Video

Don’t scrub through hours of video looking for a single quote. The most powerful component of transcribing is searchability. Find a word or phrase in hours of video or caches of clips in seconds. Quickly jumping to the point in the video’s timeline when the words were spoken.

Sync up an existing transcript to your video, making it searchable

Already have a transcript or a script? Transcriptive has the ability to sync it up to your audio, adding timecode to every word. This makes searching the existing script, and then jumping right to the exact spot something was said in the video a breeze.

Export Captions as .srt, .stl, .vtt, .xml or to Premiere metadata

Creating captions is a common and important use of Transcriptive. Easily do this all within Premiere; or any other captioning program. Transcriptive exports file formats such as: SRT, STL, VTT, or SMPTE-TT (xml). As an added bonus, having subtitles help YouTube videos get better rankings on Google!