Get Accurate Transcripts in Minutes for Pennies

Transcriptive's use of AI is truly a revolutionary way of getting transcripts

Transcribing 60 minutes of video in 10 minutes for less than $4.00. It’s fast, easy and economical. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning make it possible to analyze audio and quickly turn it into text. Furthermore, the AI has up to a 97% accuracy rating, and it’s truly an amazing solution to getting transcripts all within Premiere Pro.

Two AI transcription services to choose from

Getting accurate transcripts is easy and economical with Transcriptive. Choose which is the better fit for you between the two amazing AI speech services:

Transcriptive A.I. and Transcriptive Speechmatics are both priced at $0.08/min.

Transcriptive AI offers 97% accuracy and allows you to align existing transcripts in English for free. Transcriptive Speechmatics is about 95% accurate, works well with audio with a lot of background noise, and allows users to align transcripts in other languages for $0.04/min.

Prepaid minutes to reduce costs

Buying prepaid minutes w ill reduce your transcription costs from $0.08/min to $0.04/min. Choose between $150 and $500 packages from your Transcriptive for Premiere Pro panel or web app account and start saving! Having the ability to purchase minutes ahead of time is also a great way to avoid sharing your credit card with co-workers and other team members. Credits will be applied to your transcription jobs automatically.

Search Capability

The most powerful component of transcribing is searchability. Transcriptive 2.0 users have free access to our PowerSearch panel, which adds the option to search not only for transcribed content but also clips, sequences, markers or anything else you have in Premiere.

PowerSearch works like Google for your Premiere project. If there’s text somewhere in your Premiere project, PowerSearch will find it!

Transcribe a clip or a sequence

Whether you choose to use Clip Mode or Sequence Mode, Transcriptive will turn your audio into text in a quarter of the real-time footage. This means a 60 min video or audio will take about 15 minutes to appear as text in your Transcriptive window.

Every word on your transcripts will have a timecode so you can jump straight to where the content was said in your footage. Clip mode allows you to edit video through text by setting in/out point on your transcript and inserting them directly into your timeline. Learn more here !

Sync an existing transcript

Already have a transcript or a script? Transcriptive has the ability to sync it up to your audio, adding timecode to every word.

English transcripts can be synced for free and without an internet connection with our Offline Alignment option. Transcripts in other languages will require an internet connection and cost $0.04/min.

Export formats for Captions and subtitles

Creating captions is a common and important use of Transcriptive. Easily do this all within Premiere; or any other captioning program. Transcriptive exports file formats such as: SRT, STL, VTT, or SMPTE-TT (xml). As an added bonus, having subtitles help YouTube videos get better rankings on Google!

Built-in text editor

We all know AI is not perfect. Although Transcriptive offers up to 97% accuracy rate, the precision of your transcripts will vary according to your audio quality, background noise, and speakers’ ability to talk clearly. Correct any mistake you find with our built-in text editor! It’s quick and easy to use because it works just like a Word processor.

Fully integrated with Premiere Pro

What makes Transcriptive so powerful is that everything works from a Premiere panel. This makes it easy to communicate with other parts of Premiere and use all of Premiere’s tools. There’s no extra application, you don’t have to pass around XML files to get the transcript into Premiere… Everything lives in Premiere.