Create paper edits in any web browser makes Transcriptive for Premiere tools available anywhere through a web browser

The web app makes cross-team collaboration a quick and easy process. After uploading and transcribing your media, users can Send transcripts or videos from Premiere to, letting a client, AE, or producer edit them in a web browser.

Transcribe or sync existing transcripts

Web app users can take advantage of our Transcriptive AI speech-to-text technology to transcribe audio/video with 98% accuracy or sync existing transcripts to the media in any web browser. Both options will result in transcripts with timecode per word.

Transcriptive AI is $0.08/min. Purchase prepaid minutes packages of $150 and $500 to transcribe for $0.04/min.

Collaborate with App and Premiere users makes it easy to send and receive files online. With the web app, producers can use any browser to access and edit transcripts, as well as add comments and strikethrough notes to be shared with clients, producers, and editors.

Transcriptive for Premiere Pro users can also collaborate with video editors by sharing files from Premiere to and vice-versa.

Search for soundbites

Search for keywords without having to scrub through hours of footage, share the exact time something was said with your team, and locate content for your client in no time. The search field will find keywords anywhere in your transcript no matter how long the transcripts are. Once you have all your footage transcribed, opens new ways of working.

Export captions or text documents makes it easier to create captions and subtitles to send to video editors working in Premiere Pro, Final Cut, After Effects and other host apps. Use any browser to log into and export your transcripts as an SRT, STL, VTT, or SMPTE-TT (xml) file. Users can also save the transcriptions as a plain or rich text document.