Here’s why your plugins aren’t showing in the host application

Not seeing your plugins in the host app is likely easier to fix than you think! When the installation process is completed properly, all Digital Anarchy plugins will show inside the Digital Anarchy folder located in your Video Effects folder, ready to be dragged and dropped into your timeline. 

However, compatibility issues, corrupted installations, and having multiple versions installed could be preventing the plugin from connecting to the host app and appearing as an option in your effects folder. Here are the main reasons your plugin might not be showing in After Effects, Premiere Pro, FCP, Resolve or Avid – and how to quickly fix them. 

PS: If you are in Premiere and saw the plugin disappear after downloading their latest update or after a crash caused by a Digital Anarchy plugin, scroll down to “4” and check if the plugin is not hidden before trying other things! The option to disable plugins in the Video Effects Manager was always a thing in After Effects, but recently added to Premiere Pro.  

  1. Installation did not complete properly

The most common cause for plugins not showing in the host app is problems in the installation process. For the installation to complete successfully, all host apps must be closed before running the installer. So if the plugin – or the entire Digital Anarchy folder –  is not showing up please make sure all apps are closed and re-run the installer. 

You can also check if the plugins were installed in the correct folder. We recommend not making any changes to the file paths set or used by the installer, but even if no changes are made, files could have been misplaced due to system permissions in both Windows and MAC systems.  

Windows: For each folder in the path, right-click and select Properties > Security and make sure the designated user doesn’t have any restrictions.

 Premiere – C:\Program Files\Adobe\Common\Plug-ins\7.0\MediaCore\Digital Anarchy

       AVID – C:\Program Files\Avid\AVX2_Plug-Ins\Digital Anarchy

       Resolve – C:\Program Files\Common Files\OFX\Plugins\Digital Anarchy

MAC – For each folder in the path, right-click and select “Get Info” > Sharing & Permissions and make sure the designated user is set to “Read & Write”.

  Premiere – Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/7.0/MediaCore

       FCP – /Applications/Digital Anarchy

       AVID – Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Avid/AVX2_Plug-ins/Digital Anarchy

       Resolve – Macintosh HD/Library/OFX/Plugins/Digital Anarchy

2. Incompatible Version

Always make sure that you have the latest version installed. All of the latest versions are available under “Demos” at Most of the time you may just have a slightly older version installed and that can be the reason for it not appearing in your host application or for any other issues.

Attention Mac users! Older plugin versions like Beauty Box 4.0 and Flicker Free 1.0 are not compatible with the new Apple M-series chip machines. If you have an older version of a plugin that was purchased a while back, buying an upgrade may be required. Check our store for upgrade prices:

Required paid upgrades are rare, but do happen sometimes since our plugins are license-based and not a subscription. More recent purchases (2019 and later, depending on the plugin upgrade release date) are eligible to receive a free upgrade. If you are not sure your purchase qualifies, please email our sales team at

After upgrading your serial number, make sure all apps are closed, download and run the most recent installer for the plugin. All installers are available under “Demos” at

Incompatibility issues are also frequent in the latest version of FCP. If that’s what you are using it is likely you will need to run the latest version of our plugins. Check with our sales and tech support teams if you have questions!

3. Update didn’t uninstall the previous version

If the plugin does not show after you install an update/upgrade,  please make sure that the uninstaller properly removed the previous version from your machine. Some host apps will warn you if there are two versions of the same plugin installed but that is not always the case. 

The uninstallers are included in all installer downloads available on our website. For Windows, the uninstaller will first run automatically when you run the installer, if it detects that there is already an installed version. For Mac, the uninstaller can be found in the same folder as the installer and can be run manually, apart from the installer, if previous versions are not removed automatically. Make sure to close all apps before running the uninstaller and/or a new installer. 

4. Plugin is disabled in Premiere or After Effects

If you are using Premiere or After Effects, make sure the plugin is not set to be disabled in the effects preferences. 

In After Effects: Go to “Effect”. 

 Click on “Manage effect” and make sure the plugin is enabled

In Premiere Pro: Click on the “Sandwich” menu close to “Effect Controls”. 

Click on  “Video Effects  Menu” and make sure the plugin is enabled. 

If you are still having problems please send us an email at!

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