How to get for $8/mo or $96/year

Our web app makes most of the Transcriptive for Premiere Pro Panel functionalities available online, allowing users to transcribe, edit, export captions or text files, add comments, strikethrough text, and share transcripts with editors. It was designed to make cross-team collaboration a quick and easy process, and Transcriptive Premiere panel owners pay less to access all its features.

So if you own Transcriptive for Premiere Pro, watch the video to learn how to link your panel license to your web app account and pay $8/month or $96/year! Or follow the instructions the step-by-step instructions  below: 

  1. Open Transcriptive for Premiere Pro.

2. In the Serial Number setup window, log into your account.  If your panel is already registered, go to the sandwich menu on the upper left corner, click on “License”, and choose “Deactivate”. You can then log into your account.

3. The window will then ask for your serial number. Enter your serial number and click “Register”. This will link the account to the serial number and automatically apply the discount. 

4. Head to and log in.

5. Click on “Subscription” on the left side menu and choose Producer Monthly ($19) or Producer annual ($160).  Transcriptive will charge $8/mo or $96/year instead of $19 and $160. The discounted prices will show on your Invoice. 

Subscriptions cost $19/month and $160/year for only users so make sure the account is linked and you are receiving the discount! 

Transcriptive for Premiere Pro users do not need to sign up for a paid subscription if they don’t intend to edit and export transcripts or add comments and strikethrough, online. A Free limited subscription is available. 

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