Helping the Top Dog.

Sometimes my workday, like yours, starts before my coffee kicks in.


Here at Digital Anarchy, we are always available to find your old serial number or resend you an installer. Our records are quite good and typically we can go back seven years, to the company’s beginnings, to find your information. This customer service is especially important since we don’t ship our products on disk but instead provide digital download.

This week, I received an email from a customer who had purchased our Backdrop Designer product — a cool Adobe Photoshop plugin that makes muslin-esque textures for digital backgrounds — in 2005 and needed to reinstall. I located the customer in our Backdrop Designer database, updated his serial number through our new system, and sent off the info. I was extremely delighted to get this positive email back from Ron.


Better yet, I love the name of Ron’s company, Running Dog LOIC, and his title, which is Top Dog (of course). I’m always on the lookout for interesting people and names since everyone at our company takes on errr, evocative titles. Mine is Controller of Chaos and our president is the CEA, or Chief Executive Anarchist.


It’s great to see other people making a point to enjoy their working life. And it’s wonderful to get a compliment before I am through my morning coffee. Thanks Top Dog, oops, Ron. ;)

Have a great weekend! -debbie

ps: This post co-stars my dog, who I think is a Rottie-Chow mix.

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