What Does the Creative Cloud Mean to You?

Last month we asked folks to do a survey about the Creative Cloud and how they felt about it. I thought I’d share the results as some of you may also be curious what you’re fellow users are thinking about the Creative Cloud.

Creative Cloud

Keep in mind that the survey was done before Adobe announced the price drop on Photoshop & Lightroom to $10/mo. So the data is already somewhat out of date, but maybe sheds some light on why they dropped the price.

160 people responded, 103 of those said Photoshop was their primary application. 61% of those said they were NOT upgrading to CC at the original price of $20/mo. A full 30% said they were actively looking for a replacement for Photoshop. This was one of the things I was curious about. For video folks, the CC is a pretty compelling deal since you use a lot of apps. For Photoshop-only people, the CC was a much less interesting proposition as the numbers above show. Those are pretty big numbers and gives you some indication of why Adobe dropped the price.

On the video side only 40% said they weren’t upgrading and 24% were looking at alternatives. Still significant, but probably very acceptable from Adobe’s perspective. 60% is a pretty good upgrade percentage and now the revenue is perpetual. Of course, many of the people swearing off the CC will eventually buy it. For video production there are few good alternatives.

One interesting thing here was that 25% of video users are using both platforms. Much higher than the Photoshop crowd (11%). Otherwise it’s more or less split between Mac/Windows.

Another interesting tidbit is that 47% of the total group areĀ  using Lightroom. So that $10/mo deal for Photoshop and Lightroom makes it much more interesting for a lot of people. Of course, you can only sign up for that deal until the end of the year. We’ll see what happens once they raise the price.

This wasn’t the most scientific survey ever, but I think it has some useful info. It should give you some insights into what other users think about the Creative Cloud and perhaps help you make decisions as you figure out how you’re going to move forward with Adobe or some other application.

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