Beauty Box is the ‘plastic surgeon’.

Around the holidays, we received a great compliment about Beauty Box from customer Ross Webb. Beauty Box is our new skin retouching software for video footage in After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

I asked Ross about his work. He said, “My history is around AE but I’m using FCP for this. The footage is owned by me, shot on a canon 7D. It’s glamour and the model had really bad scarring on her face.”

Thanks Ross. We wish great success to your project. And continued success to our skin smoothing product, for which you can see examples here.

3 thoughts on “Beauty Box is the ‘plastic surgeon’.”

  1. Hi there, I am trying out BB for photoshop CS5 vs. using Portraiture, and I also a FCP user. Do I need really need 2 plugs of BB, one for PS and one for FCP? I used to know how to export an image sequence in FCP and edit in PS, but that was a long time ago and I think things have changed there. Is there a tut out there so I can try to use the PS plug of BB to edit short video clips? It seems to me this would be the best way…

  2. Yes, they’re different products, set up for different needs and applications, so you’d need to purchase both. If you have Photoshop Extended, you can use the Animation palette to apply filters to video. However, it really doesn’t work that well. You can’t set keyframes for filters and the process of setting up the filter is not as easy, since PS is not really set up to deal with video. The time and effort you’re going to spend trying to make it work is probably not worth the $140 difference (you can get Beauty Box Extreme for $239, which includes both BB Video and BB Photo, vs. $99 for BB Photo alone).

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