I love play on words. Moreso, I love gorgeous images that inspire me to write. This artwork by Carl Campbell has accomplished all of the above. Carl used ToonIt Photo, our Adobe Photoshop cartoon plugin, to transform a BMW car into something even more special.

Carl explained his piece, “The inspiration was the color and shape of the object/car combined with a bit of art. Toonit! is useful here to create interest in mediocre pictures. The image was an experiment using a new compact camera shooting on a rainy Fall day in downtown Portland.”

I love the soft, shaded floor that Carl generated, and how beautifully the painted floral pattern combines with the outlines of the cartoon effect. It is quite the ‘car-toon’. The original painting is by Michael Schultheis and was photographed with permission at Froelick Gallery in Portland, OR.

Here is Carl’s original photo, pre-cartooning:

The new background he added and toon’ed:

Want to make your ordinary images look extraordinary? Try ToonIt for Photoshop or ToonIt for Aperture on your own photographs. You can download a free trial of this cartooning software.

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