Digital Anarchy does Aperture!

Yesterday was an exciting one as Digital Anarchy branched out into a new host application: the wild world of Aperture. Our Photoshop plugins ToonIt! Photo and Knoll Light Factory are now available for use in Aperture.

Our president, Jim Tierney, had the disadvantage of working on this product release remotely… from Hawaii. Here are some of his hard-earned Maui test shots for Knoll Light Factory.

His original shot:

The Knoll-infused version:

Aperture is an Apple application and Mac-only. Normally we are a platform agnostic kinda company, but we feel Aperture is an important professional-level product to support. Plans for supporting Adobe’s Lightroom, which runs on Windows and Mac, are in the works for later this year.

Both Aperture and Lightroom are great apps for working with RAW files and managing large groups of photographs. We’re pretty excited about supporting our plugins in this environment because it is so powerful for digital professionals who are looking for more creative control with less workflow restrictions.

Read our full press release. You can download free demos of the Aperture plugins for ToonIt! Photo here and Knoll Light Factory here.

regards -Debbie

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