Beauty Box Video 3.0 Released!

The new version of Beauty Box Video for After Effects, Premiere, and Final Cut Pro 7/X is available for purchase or you can download the trial version. We’ve added a number of great new features, first and foremost is greatly improved automatic masking. This allows us to more accurately identify the skin tones and track them throughout the video clip. This means the retouching that Beauty Box does looks better than ever. Here’s an example:

Comparing the automatic mask from Beauty BoxNo automatic mask is perfect, we’re still picking up a bit of the background, but it’s much improved from 1.0

The other big new feature is the addition of preset Styles. It ships with 35 different styles to give your video a wide variety of different looks from a warm glow to a ‘day to night’ look. These are modifiable, so you can adjust the amount of smoothing up or down.

We’ve also improved the shine removal, improved the OpenCL support, so it should be faster on most cards, and made a bunch of other small improvements and bug fixes.

It’s a great upgrade and until June 30th it’s only $59 for Beauty Box 2.0 users ($99 for 1.0 users). New licenses are also on sale for only $149 (save $50!).

To purchase head over to the Digital Anarchy store. If you want to download the free trial and get more info, click here.

Oh, and if you’re wondering what happened to OpenFX support… we’re adding NUKE support and the OpenFX version will be released in a couple weeks. At the same time, we’ll also be releasing a brand new version for Avid systems! You can download the beta of both the OpenFX and Avid builds here.

6 thoughts on “Beauty Box Video 3.0 Released!”

  1. Yes and No. We will have a new installer in the next day that will automatically find the CC plugin folder. However, the current plugin/installer will work, you just need to specify the Plugin directory. With Photoshop it’s easy, it’s the Plugin folder in the Photoshop folder. For video apps it’s in the Mediacore folder. Do a search for ‘mediacore’ and you’ll find it.


  2. I downloaded the free trial of this and I am using with FCPX. When I use the effect on a clip I have a grid that automatically shows up on top of footage. How do I get rid of this?

  3. I have downloaded the trial version.But my problem now is I do not know where to find it in my Adobe Premiere pro cs6.I have installed the Beauty box video3 on my window8.But I do not know if Beauty box video3 will automatically install itself in Adobe premiere pro cs6.And if not how do I get it into Adobe premiere pro?

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