Transcript-based video editing in Premiere Pro

Create rough cuts by editing text and share your work with other video editors.

Transcriptive Rough Cutter for Premiere Pro is the next evolution of text-based video editing. Transcribe or sync an existing transcript, strikethrough the text you want to remove from the clip, automatically assemble the rough-cut and collaborate with your team without leaving Premiere.

Create rough cuts by editing text.

Edit a transcript in Transcriptive for Premiere Pro and the panel will quickly create a text-based sequence. The edits in the video will match the edits in the transcript, showing an instant rough cut. Video editors can also set in and out points on transcripts, insert selected soundbites into a timeline and quickly auto-generate a new transcript based on the edits.

Transcribe or Sync existing transcripts

Sync text documents to your footage or use Transcriptive AI to create new transcripts. Both are great ways of incorporating text-based editing into your workflow! Every word will have a timecode so you can easily jump to the exact time a sound bite was said. Users can choose to batch transcribe or batch align to process multiple clips at once.

Share your work with teammates and client

Share your work with other Premiere users or take advantage of to collaborate with teammates and clients working outside of the Adobe app. Receive new transcriptions and edits made online without leaving Premiere Pro, take advantage of the Comment and Strikethrough features to share notes, and assemble collaborative rough cuts in no time.

Search all content in your project

Search all transcripts, clips and markers in your Premiere Pro project to find content much faster. Our PowerSearch panel is free for Transcriptive for Premiere Pro users and works like Google for your project. There is no extra cost to scour your entire project for keywords if you own a Transcriptive for Premiere Pro license. Use the same serial number to activate PowerSearch and streamline your video editing.

98% AI accuracy for $0.04/min

Our AI video transcription technology makes it possible to transcribe footage for less. Purchase prepaid minutes to reduce costs from $0.08/min to $0.04/min and pay $2.40 to convert 1 hour of video into text without leaving Premiere Pro.

Transcriptive AI Premium is also available for $0.15 (pay-as-you-go) or $0.12 with pre-paid minutes. the Premium option offers high accuracy even when transcribing low quality audio and increased transcription speed.

Prepaid minutes packages are available in bulk for $150 or $500. Users can also choose to pay as you go with a credit card for $0.15/min(Transcriptive AI Premium) or $0.08/min (Transcriptive AI).