Tutorials for Transcriptive

Transcriptive is like all Digital Anarchy plugins: Powerful but simple to use. We know you’re busy and don’t have a ton of time to spend reading manuals. Plugins should make your life easier! That said, sometimes it helps to watch a 10 minute tutorial or check the manual for more info. You can also always email tech support at cs@digitalanarchy.com for more help.

Transcriptive Manual

You can download the Transcriptive PDF Manual NEWLY UPDATED! This will give you an overview of transcribing, the plugin parameters, how to register, and tips on trouble shooting (you can also go to the FAQ for that).

Transcriptive Keyboard Shortcut List PDF Manual

You can download the Transcriptive Keyboard Shortcut List PDF Manual . It’ll give you all the quick keyboard shortcuts to make editing transcripts even easier! We highly recommend downloading this, and having it on hand until you memorize the quick keys that will help your workflow.

Installing Transcriptive into Premiere Pro

A quick video going over the process of how to get started with Transcriptive. After the download, it's a simple install wizard. Then you're ready for the video (setting up the speech engines) below!

Speech Engine Setup [Updated 2019]

In order to get a transcript returned you need to register with either of the two speech engines we use. In this tutorial we go through the steps of setting up your account so you can start calling for transcripts from inside Transcriptive.

Requesting Transcripts with Transcriptive - NEWLY UPDATED!

In this tutorial we go over how to request a transcript for an active Sequence and how to use the "Batch" transcription method to request video transcripts for multiple files at once.

Editing Transcripts and Keyboard Shortcuts

We cover how to do basic text editing in the Transcriptive panel, keyboard shortcuts we've added to make your edits faster, as well as how to undo mistakes and edit speaker identification. Download a copy of the Keyboard Shortcuts manual HERE.

Conforming Transcripts to an Edit with Transcriptive

How to take an existing unedited transcript and conform it to the edits made within a sequence. Automatically editing the transcript based on the edits. This covers batch transcribing, loading a transcript and other functions.

Merging Transcripts in Premiere Pro with Transcriptive

This short tutorial goes over the new Merge function in Transcriptive v1.5.1. It allows you to take two edited transcripts or sequences and merge them into one longer sequence.

So if you have two 30 minute sequence and you want to merge them into an hour long sequence, this is how to do it. It also works around a problem on Macintosh where Premiere Pro can sometimes run out of memory on transcripts longer than 45 minutes. There are some other tools in v1.5.1 to help deal with this, but the Merge function also helps.

Caption Formats

Caption and Subtitle formats come in many different forms. In this video we explain what each file type is used for, their pros and cons, as well as their uses in Transcriptive and Premiere.

Transcriptive Multicam Premiere Pro Workaround

Getting Transcripts for Premiere Pro's Multicam Sequences with Transcriptive

This blog post gives you some great insight into how you can transcribe a multicam sequence. Currently, it's not the smoothest of roads, and doesn't really work all too well in Transcriptive, but here's a great workaround until we find a solution.

Getting Transcripts for Premiere Multicam Sequences

Using YouTube Captions as a Transcriptive Speech Engine

In this tutorial we show how to use YouTube to get transcripts/captions for free and bring them into Premiere for use with Transcriptive. This is an easy way of getting accurate transcripts that can be edited and searched right within Premiere Pro.

YouTube is a great way of converting your dialog to text. It's one of the most accurate speech-to-text algorithms and it's free. It works great with Premiere Pro and Transcriptive and this tutorial shows you how to make the most of the captions YouTube gives you.