Tutorials for PowerSearch

PowerSearch is like all Digital Anarchy plugins: Powerful but simple to use. We know you’re busy and don’t have a ton of time to spend reading manuals. Plugins/Panels should make your life easier! That said, sometimes it helps to watch a 10 minute tutorial or check the manual for more info. You can also always email tech support at cs@digitalanarchy.com for more help.

PowerSearch Manual

You can download the PowerSearch PDF Manual . It’ll give you an overview of indexing, how to search, the plugin parameters, how to register, and tips on trouble shooting (you can also check out the FAQ for that).

PowerSearch 3.0 for Premiere Pro - Overview

In this tutorial we cover the basics of using PowerSearch and go over how and what it does in Premiere. PowerSearch is a search engine for Premiere Pro that lets you find clips, transcripts, markers, and SRT captions. It makes searching through large projects very easy.

The new 3.0 release offers the ability to use quotes for more precise, accurate searching, allows users to import SRTs to search captions, and more.

PowerSearch 3.0 - Using Multiple Projects and Productions

PowerSearch 3.0 makes switching to the project you are searching easier! It also supports searching projects within a Production even though the plugin is project -based. This video shows how to work with multiple projects and productions. It also covers how to skip the indexing step when saving a copy of a project file, and how to send a search database to another user for them to load.

Using PowerSearch to search SpeedScriber transcripts in Premiere

In this tutorial we'll show you how to search all your SpeedScriber transcripts in Premiere. PowerSearch allows you to search all the footage in your project and help youto quickly find where things were said in any clip or sequence.