Frequent questions for Beauty Box

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If I buy a plugin license, will I be able to use the plugin on more than one computer?

You may use your 1 license to activate a plugin on a work machine and a home machine. However you cannot run the software on two machines simultaneously as the two will conflict.

Do you offer any discounts if I buy 2 or more of your products?

We certainly understand budgets and we do offer volume discounts. For more information, please email

Beauty Box is crashing

This can occur in any host application and is usually related to your graphics card. However, before troubleshooting graphics card issues, make sure you have the latest version of the plugin installed by downloading it from our website.

Make sure you get the correct Mac or Windows version. Additionally, the crash might not be the graphics card but the graphics software driver that may be at fault. You can update the driver for your specific GPU by checking out the revalant link:

NVIDIA Drivers
AMD Drivers
Intel Drivers

If the updated plugin or the driver update don’t seem to be having any impact on the crashes, it’s likely the result of a graphics card issue. To confirm this, look for the ’UseGPU’ parameter at the bottom of the Beauty Box parameter list. Turn that off. This will force Beauty Box to ignore the video card (and GPU) and should resolve the problem (although it will render slower).

beauty box open cl device gpu enable

“If that doesn’t work or it's crashing before you can turn "Use GPU" off, you can also find the Digital Anarchy preferences folder (Mac: Macintosh HD>Users>Shared>Digital Anarchy, Windows: Users>Public>Public Documents>Digital Anarchy). In that there's a file called "DA_OpenCL_Devices.txt" and/or "DA_CUDA_Devices.txt". Open that and change everything that says "Enabled=ON" to "Enabled=OFF". That should also disable the GPU for Beauty Box.

You can also contact us at:

The GPU on your video card is used by a lot of software these days. The host applications use it, other plugins use it, the OS uses it, etc. Unfortunately there's no good way for all this software to talk to each other and manage how this finite resource is used (Although some apps, like Premiere, are getting better). Frequently, especially with older video cards or really new ones, we either run out of memory unexpectedly or run into other software trying to use it. This can result in crashes or other performance issues. The more filters you have applied to a clip that use the GPU, the more likely it is that you'll have these problems. If you are running into problems, you might want to render out your clip with Beauty Box first and then do all the color corrections and other effects work to the rendered clip.

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frequently asked question final cut pro watermark

Serial number does not remove watermark in FCP

This problem occurs when you have a sequence that has already been previewed with the Beauty Box demo version. When you apply Beauty Box to footage, FCP renders the plugin and caches the render. If you’re using the Demo Version this means the watermark gets rendered and cached. When you enter the serial number, FCP doesn't recognize that any parameters have changed so it doesn't change re-render or remove the plugin watermark. So the cached render doesn’t automatically get replaced.

The easiest workaround is to delete and reapply the filter. You can also change a Beauty Box parameter, for example changing Smoothing Amount from 30 to 29. Both these methods will force FCP to re-render Beauty Box and recognize the new serial number.

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Why do lines appear across my images?

The crosshatch lines that appear are the demo watermark. This allows you to evaluate the product before purchasing. When you purchase the product, we'll email you a serial number will unlock the crosshatch watermark.

final cut pro beauty box frequently asked question

No parameters show up in FCPX’s Inspector when I apply Beauty Box

This just means that Beauty Box was not fully installed or installed incorrectly. First, try rebooting FCP to see if the effect controls for Beauty Box come back. If you're still not seeing any parameters in the controls, please delete all versions of Beauty Box that are in: Library>Plug-ins>FxPlug>Digital Anarchy

Afterwards, run the latest installer and reboot FCP. If you don't see a Plug-ins folder make sure you're looking at the Library folder on your main hard drive. There's also a User Library folder.

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If I have multiple filters applied to a clip, where in the effect chain should I apply Beauty Box?

We suggest applying Beauty Box at the beginning or end of an effect chain so as to avoid potential conflicts between effects. Usually we recommend the beginning before you do color correction but it’s not a hard and fast rule.

Thumbnail image in FCP is too small

This is only a FCP 7 and Premiere Pro problem due to how sampling from the main timeline preview functions in those apps. In FCP X you can click in the editing window to use Add Color and Set Color but in FCP 7 and Premiere Pro we need to use a secondary window to sample the color tones from. The thumbnail is a limitation of those apps and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Does the plugin work on black skin tones?

Beauty Box definitely works on all skin tones.

However, hair and skin color being similar can pose a problem. This can happen for black hair and darker skin tones or blond hair and lighter skin tones.

You can work around this by decreasing the Hue, Saturation, and Value Range sliders to help limit Beauty Box’s inclusion of similar color tones. Admittedly, for very dark skin tones it can be a problem since the mask will start picking up shadow areas or dark clothing. So if you have someone in a black suit/dress/shirt you need to pay special attention to the mask to reduce the effect Beauty Box has on the hair and clothing. We always recommend doing a test on your footage with the demo version of Beauty Box before purchase.

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I ran the installer for the plugin but I can’t find it in the effects list in the host app OR don’t see any controls for the plugin where they should be

First, restart the host application or the computer you’re working off of. If this doesn’t work, it could be that the installer didn’t install the plugin to the correct location.

So please confirm that the plugin did actually get installed and it was installed to the correct folder/directory. Here’s a list of where the plugins should be installed:

Premiere Pro/After Effects
"Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/ <”CS6” for CS6, “7.0” for CC>/MediaCore"
FCP 7 or FCPX 10.0.9 and EARLIER
"Macintosh HD/Library/Plug-ins/FxPlug"
FCP 10.1.4 and LATER
"Macintosh HD/Applications/Digital Anarchy"
Avid Media Composer
"Macintosh HD/Library/Application Support/Avid/AVX2_Plug-ins"
OFX Host Apps (Resolve, Vegas, Nuke, etc.)
"Macintosh HD/Library/OFX/Plugins"
DaVinci Resolve (From App Store)
"Macintosh HD/"

Premiere Pro/After Effects
"C:/Program Files/Adobe/Common/Plug-ins/ < "CS6" for CS6, "7.0" for CC>/MediaCore"
Avid Media Composer
"C:Program FilesAvidAVX2Plug-insDigital Anarchy"
OFX Host Apps (Resolve, Vegas, Nuke, etc.)
"C:Program FilesCommon FilesOFXPlugins"

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Does Beauty Box support Adobe Dynamic Link?

Yes, we support Dynamic Link across the Adobe applications

Does Beauty Box use GPU render acceleration?

Beauty Box 4.0 uses OpenCL and CUDA for speed optimization. This is a way of accelerating rendering on Intel, ATI, and NVIDIA cards. On faster cards with enough RAM we're seeing real time renders on HD footage and near-real time in 4K.

How long should my renders be?

The short answer to this question is that it depends. The longer answer is that render time depends on how long your footage is, how fast your hardware is, which video editing application you're using and whether you’re taking advantage of the Use GPU feature. Premiere Pro is currently the fastest host app for rendering out Beauty Box.

Also, faster graphics cards and multiple cores will make a big difference as well. We currently recommend the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 or 980 cards as providing the best performance. NVIDIA's Quadro cards are nice cards, but the top GeForce cards out perform them and are usually half the price. The cost of the Quadros comes from their testing and certification for apps like AutoCAD where pixels need to be precisely rendered for things like architecture and engineering. There's no reason for a video editor to get a Quadro card.

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Are there limitations in Premiere Pro?

Older versions of Premiere (CS4 and earlier) did not support the Analyze Frame button. Also, Premiere does not support clicking on the Canvas, so if you need to use the Set or Add Color tools you’ll need to use the Thumbnail image in the Beauty Box UI. We realize this isn’t ideal and we’re hopeful Adobe will add the necessary bits to the API to let us do this.

Are there limitations in Final Cut Pro?

Beauty Box is fully functional in most versions of Final Cut Pro X. While Beauty Box 4.0 should work in FCP7 we don’t officially support it anymore. Beauty Box 3.0 does work in FCP 7 and if you buy a license that license will work for 3.0. When you upgrade to FCP X, Premiere, or whatever you can use the license for 4.0 in the new application.

Do you support Motion?

Beauty Box should work in Motion. However we do not provide technical support for Motion at this time.

Can Beauty Box retouch arms, legs, even a scar?

Yes, Beauty Box can be used on all skin areas, not just the face. We have comparison footage that show Beauty Box working on hands.

The process for treating arms, legs, etc will be mostly the same. However, since the detection algorithm generally looks for a face, in this case you will have to manually tell the video editing software what the skin tones are. This usually requires 3 or 4 clicks of the Analyze Frame button on the image, changing. We have a tutorial which will explain this in a bit more detail:

Regarding a scar, it depends on how bad the scar is. If the scar is new and there's a lot of discoloration, then probably not. For older scars, if it's a fairly thin scar, then Beauty Box should improve things. If it’s a massive patch of skin from a motorcycle accident, probably not.

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