Tutorials for the Light Wrap Fantastic Plugin

The Light Wrap Fantastic plugin is easy to use. You almost don't need tutorials to use this video effects software! It's always good to see how you can push software to perform even better than we imagined, so read on.

Light Wrap Fantastic Manual

You can download the Light Wrap Fantastic Manual PDF manual here. It'll give you an overview of the parameters, how to register, and some tips on trouble shooting!

Light Wrap Fantastic Basic Parameter Overview

Render: This allows you to select either Composite mode or Wrap. Composite will render the light wrap on your image, Wrap renders just the light wrap itself.

Background Layer: This tells LWF what layer you wish to use to sample the light wrap from. If this is set to None, a solid color will be used for the light wrap. (the color chip)

Size: How large the light wrap is in pixels.

Blend Mode: Sets how the light wrap will be composited on to your origial layer. ADD will be most pronounced, while Soft Light and Overlay will be more subtle. The other modes are for darkening.

Brightness: Increases/decreases the brightness of the light wrap.

Masks: This gives you a built-in way of masking off the light wrap. Very useful if you want the wrap to only affect a certain part of the image.

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Light Wrap Fantastic After Effects Intro Tutorial

This tutorial talks about how to use Light Wrap Fantastic in After Effects to make better composites for blue or green screen footage. It goes over the parameters and explains how to use them. LEVEL: BASIC

Light Wrap Fantastic Final Cut Pro Intro Tutorial

This tutorial talks about how to use Light Wrap Fantastic in Final Cut Pro to give you an overview of this fantastic tool for compositing masked or keyed footage. It goes over the controls and explains how they work. LEVEL: BASIC, Duration: 17 min.

Light Wrap Fantastic Premiere Pro Intro Tutorial

This tutorial goes over Light Wrap Fantastic within Adobe Premiere Pro to show how you can create much better composites using light wrap. It explains the parameters and basic functionality. LEVEL: BASIC

Advanced Light Wrap : Rich Harrington Shows How to Go Beyond the Basics

Our friend and master trainer, Rich Harrington, takes you from the basics through to advanced compositing techniques using Light Wrap Fantastic. He shows a wide range of blue and green screen shots within different situations. LEVEL: BASIC to ADVANCED

Light Wrap Fantastic Demo Reel

The two minute reel is a quick intro to the plugin. It's mixture of different types of blue and green screen footage and breaks down how it's used. Also keep in mind that The Light Wrap Fantastic can be used on footage that has been rotoscoped. Any keyed or masked footage will work great with Light Wrap Fantastic.

This will quickly show you how powerful light wrap is for making incredible composites.