Flicker Free Plugin Examples of Rolling Bands (Camera/Light Sync Issues), Time Lapse, Slow Motion & More

We're always looking for gallery footage! Do you have some awful flickering footage that Flicker Free saved the day on? We'd love to see it and give you a hat tip! Email sales@digitalanarchy.com with a link to your video clip!

De-flickering Reality TV: The Amazing Race Australia - Fluorescents and LED Lights

Marcus Herrick is a magician. He takes some of the most difficult footage and turns it into something visually appealing to hundreds of thousands of viewers. Marcus Herrick was also the Online Editor & Colorist for three series of The Amazing Race Australia (TARAUS).

Given the globe spanning scale of The Amazing Race, Camera operators for TARAUS are on the go for huge stretches of time, doing everything The Amazing Race Australian contestants do, only doing it backwards while shooting! What this means for Herrick and others in Post is you have to accept that while the camera operators are doing their best, you will on occasion get dark, soft, shaky and flickering footage. “Being able to fix flicker at the touch of a button is amazing! Being able to fix flickering as part of the grade a big time saver as well as being able to see how the effect impacts the grade. Flicker free has become my go to tool.”

The Amazing Race Australia shot with Panasonic Pro cameras and a variety of specialty cams, and edited with Avid Media Composer and graded with DaVinci Resolve.

Marcus Herrick’s company Haiku Post provides post production finishing services in Melbourne, Australia. marcus@haiku.com.au

Red Tape Pictures: Music Video for All India Radio (song: Fall)

Red Tape Pictures, a post production house based out of Brisbane Australia, created this beautiful video for the band All India Radio. They used Flicker Free on portions of it and really did a marvelous job. The song is beautiful and haunting as well.

All India Radio - Fall from Red Tape Pictures

LED Light Flicker: Agata Alexander Directed Music Video for The Bloody Beetroots feat. Tommy Lee

Music video from the Bloody Beetroots featuring Tommy Lee (of Motley Crue fame). Some of the LED lights on the set were causing severe strobing in some shots. According to Agata, the director, Flicker Free was the only plugin that got rid of the LED flicker and really helped saved the production.

This isn’t regular flicker, it’s sort of rolling bands. It’s something that's caused by the camera shutter speed and lights being out of sync. You can see other examples of rolling bands on the Flicker Free Examples page. Just another big problem the plugin can solve.

Willy B!, TV for Radio: Television Commercial (flickering 3D render)

A commercial for radio station WTTS, that uses a logo that was rendered in a 3D package. Unfortunately there was some flickering that occurred in the render. Editor Willy B! used Flicker Free to eliminate the problem and meet the deadline. This video breaks down the problem, shows the solution, and then the entire commercial.


De-flickering Sports Slow Motion Footage: Flicker Free & Griffin Wing Productions

Great example of the flicker you get when shooting slow motion at sporting events. In this case, Griffin Wing Productions shot a Championship high school football game, shooting a lot of 240fps slow motion footage. As often happens, the stadium lights caused a lot of flickering when shot in slow motion. They used the Flicker Free plugin to eliminate the flicker.

Aaron Griffin is the owner and Creative Director at Griffin Wing Productions. Griffin shoots a lot of sports with a Sony FS700 and when shooting at 240fps under stadium lights, flicker is a big problem. Stadiums usually have low quality lights and the high frame rate captures the lights oscillating in brightness at 60hz (or 60 times a second). “I was shooting for a local high school in the North Carolina 2AA Championship game. I got some really great shots but aesthetically the flicker was bad, really bad.”

Griffin Wing Productions is a full service video company based in Raleigh, North Carolina and can be found here: http://www.griffinwingproductions.com/index.html

The final video this footage is from is here: https://youtu.be/6NHSlYyELsM

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ACE Enterprises: Computer Screen Flicker

Gabriel Spaulding, ACE Enterprizes: Corporate Videos

Creator and Director, Gabriel Spaulding, is often producing video content for large and small companies including promotional videos, training videos, how-to-videos, music videos and more. He recently shot an entire video at 23.98, which captured some flicker in the various video screens recorded for a corporate promotional video.

This is a common problem when recording any type of screen as the refresh rate of the screen can be difficult to sync with the shutter speed and frame rate of the camera. “Flicker Free did a remarkable job of solving our problem.”

Technical aspects of the video: Shot in 4k with two Panasonic GH4s over a period of three days and edited in Final Cut X.

For more on Gabriel and ACE, go here: www.aceenterprizes.com and you can see the final video here: https://vimeo.com/138654537

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Eddie Oberg, Steddy Films: "Iceland Postcard"

Filmmaker Eddie Oberg went to Iceland with the goal of shooting a film of the epic, beautiful landscape the country is famous for. With friends and a lot of camera equipment he succeeded in capturing Iceland, but ran into a few problems in the process.

"We landed in Reykjavik, hopped in the car and didn't go far before we found beautiful landscape to shoot. Every corner seemed more beautiful than the previous corner. I brought my tripod and glide-cam. Every time I was in the passenger seat I was ready with my glide-cam. Because light was different in each shot, it was very difficult to match it in post. It was especially difficult to go from time lapse to regular film. Flicker fucking awesome Free is great. I applied flicker free on all the time lapses. Flicker Free seems to fix everything with ease…amazing!”

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Peter Yuen - Wildlife photographer: LED Flicker Filming Animals at Night

Pangolins are very rare animals, and the Critically Endangered Chinese Pangolin is even more so than others. Getting night-time footage of these animals is very difficult, and I never use flash or bright lights on animals, especially on nocturnal animals, so I carry a soft head-lamp. The previous night releasing pangolins in the forest, my head lamp broke, so we used an LED lamp to record a bit of video of these amazing animals instead.

Although it didn't show up on the screen when checking the video, this LED lamp caused a terrible flickering on the end result, so be warned, never make the mistake we did! I may never get another chance to film this species, but luckily, I was able to salvage the video thanks to Digital Anarchy's Flicker Free plugin!

Here's a link to his blog post discussing how he removed the LED flicker with Flicker Free.

Below you can see the video comparing the Flicker Free result to the original LED flicker problem:

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Big Mouth Media Digital: Projection Screen Banding

“I shot a stage show recently on our GH4 which had projection running in it. This gave me terrible banding (which I didn’t see at the time). Flicker Free got rid of it in minutes with no quality loss to the footage, and saved an expensive reshoot. Flicker Free is now part of my editing arsenal!”

Paul Seidel
Producer / Editor / Cameraman
Big Mouth Media Digital

Robbie Allen, Lobster Pictures: Time Lapse Videography

This plugin is fantastic - effortlessly wiping out time lapse flicker straight out of the box, with no visible degradation. It's great value and we use it in all our edit suites - it saves hours!

Check out their work at: www.lobsterpictures.tv

Tang: A US Camera Goes to Europe: 30fps & 50hz Big Adventure

Tang, an author/musician living in Germany, had a minor problem. He bought a Panasonic GH4 and set it up to record 30fps with a 1/60th shutter speed. Great for smooth motion of performers on a stage, but really NOT great for Germany's 50hz lighting! Enter Flicker Free or as he says:

"This little clever and resource-friendly programmed plugin worked great out of the box! I set it to the preset for my problem - stage light - and like miracle the flicker was almost undetectable! And everything with relatively moderate rendering time. So Flicker Free now is my clear favorite!"

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Both Hemispheres: Fixing localised flicker for impeccable time-lapses

Cinematographer Charles Gervais uses Flicker Free for almost every sequence he creates in After Effects and Premiere Pro. For him, the default time-lapse settings offered by the plugin have been enough to get rid of localized flicker. Gervais uses Flicker Free mainly to deal with flicker introduced by LR when he applies sliders like shadows, highlights, clarity etc. Flicker Free is a life-saver for those!