Transcriptive Rough Cutter goes beyond automated transcriptions.

Creating transcript-based rough-cuts in Premiere Pro and online is now easier than ever. Transcriptive Rough Cutter for Premiere, the PowerSearch metadata search engine and Transcriptive Web App are designed to harness text-based video editing. Their integration with Premiere Pro and each other allows Adobe users to create collaborative, transcript-based rough cuts in Premiere Pro and quickly share transcripts online. By using either the Rough Cut or Selects workflow, Transcriptive Rough Cutter provides two powerful ways of creating transcript-based rough cuts in Premiere.

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Transcribe and edit in Premiere

Transcriptive for Premiere Pro

The panel is fully integrated with Premiere Pro. Editors can get A.I. transcripts (or import them from elsewhere), edit the text for captions, or assemble rough-cuts based on the edits made in their transcript.

Take advantage of Transcriptive AI to get transcripts or import transcripts from Adobe, human services or even other A.I. services to edit video through text. Search for keywords with PowerSearch*, add comments to transcripts, and share your work with producers, clients, and other video editors without leaving Premiere. Shared content can be accessed by other Premiere Pro editors or through our Transcriptive Web App.

Transcriptive Rough Cutter for Premiere Pro is $199/license. Transcriptive-A.I. transcriptions are $0.04/min ($2.40/hr)with pre-paid minutes packages or (.08/min otherwise). Learn More!

Transcrive video online

Transcriptive Web App

The web app makes cross-team collaboration a quick and easy process. Log into to transcribe, import, share, and edit transcripts online!

Use comments and strikethrough to create a ‘paper’ edit and share your work with Premiere editors or other Web App users. Combined with Transcriptive for Premiere Pro, the Web App has everything you need to speed up your video production workflow. Unlike traditional paper edits, your edits in the Transcriptive Web App will retain all their timecode and metadata. Making it easy to import back into Premiere to create a rough cut. is $19/month or $160/year. Review-Only Free subscriptions are also available with limited functionalities. Learn More!

Search in Premiere Pro


PowerSearch is free for Transcriptive for Premiere Pro users. The metadata search panel for Premiere Pro allows users to scour hours of footage for content so video editors can find sound bites much faster. Search all transcripts, clips and markers in your Premiere Pro project. PowerSearch will return results like any search engine. Clicking on the search results will open up that clip or sequence and jump to the exact time something was said. With all the dialog in your video clips transcribed into text, our PowerSearch panel works like Google for your Premiere Pro project. Learn More!