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By Béla Beier, Managing Editor, Digital Production

"One of the most annoying jobs is the transcription of video – and it is often offloaded to interns and apprentices. But what if you could have the so-called artificial intelligence, that everyone is talking about, help you on that? You do not have to wonder anymore, because there is a Premiere Pro plug-in, that promises to do just that." - Béla Beier, Digital Production

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By Jose Antunes, Journalist, writer and photographer, ProVideo Coalition

"Digital Anarchy leverages ASR technology in the new Transcriptive Suite, delivering actionable and efficient tools to the video production community." - Jose Antunes, ProVideo Coalition

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Elliot Smith, Content Creator, Newshooter

"If you’ve ever had to sit and transcribe your own interviews you’ll appreciate what a timesaver that(Transcriptive) is – and if you’ve had to use an external transcription service Transcriptive is much cheaper too. And because you’re exchanging audio and text files you don’t need nearly as much bandwidth on your connection as if you were sending a video file with a timecode burn in, as you probably would for regular transcription." - Elliot Smith, Newshooter

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By Tom Atkinson, Reviews & Dept. Editor, TechTrends

"I must commend the Transcriptive plug-in from Digital Anarchy, its text editing interface is fantastic and synchs to the live audio as you skip through meaning-correcting the text." - Tom Atkinson, Tech Trends

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By Brady Betzel, Emmy-nominated online editor, PostPerspective

"One feature I really like is the ability to export a transcript as markers to be placed on the timeline. In addition, you can export many different closed captioning file types such as SMPTE-TT (XML file), which can be used inside of Premiere with its built-in caption integration." - Brady Betzel, PostPerspective

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By Scott Simmons, Video Editor, ProVideo Coalition

"Every now and then a little tool comes along that just might transform your editing and post-production workflow. (...) Transcriptive might be one of the single most useful third party tools I’ve ever encountered for the storytelling editor." - Scott Simmons, ProVideo Colattion

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By Kelsey Brannan, Film Editor, Premiere Gal

"The best part about Transcriptive is that I can search for any keyword in the panel and when you click on that word the current time indicator in the sequence, also known as the CTI, will move to that time code where the keyword is located.This makes it super easy for you to identify moments or sound bites in your video interview that you want to include in your rough cut." - Kelsey Brannan, Premiere Gal.

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