So you’ve got your transcript, either using Transcriptive’s AI or from a service, now what?

These are examples of a wide variety of features Transcriptive can do. Hopefully, it’ll give you an idea of how easy it is to use. This is not an exhaustive list of examples, it certainly works great on all types of footage, but we wanted to demonstrate how it works.


Sync your transcripts while offline

After imported into Transcriptive, transcripts in English can be synced to a clip in Premiere for free, without the need for an internet connection. Simply click on the Transcribe button and see Transcriptive give every word on your transcript a timecode!

The ability to sync existing transcripts is great if you prefer to get transcripts from third-party companies, but still want to take advantage of the search, editing and captioning tools transcriptive offers.


Edit video through text

You can now create an edited sequence without having to scrub through hours of footage! Scan your transcribed text for interesting soundbites, insert “In” and “Out” points in your transcript, and use a shortcut to insert the media into a sequence!

Creating video cuts through your transcripts is easy and helps you create stories much faster, leaving more time for you to invest on fine-tuning your final video!


Correct misspelled words

See a mistake on your transcript? No problem! Click on the misspelled word and start typing your corrections right away. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to apply capitalization, merge or split lines, jump between speakers and more!

Editing your transcripts in Premiere Pro will save you time on adding captions and subtitles to your video.


Get more customization for your Captions

You’ve already transcribed, edited, and corrected misspelled words on your transcriptive. Now it is time for captioning! Export your transcripts as an SRT file use our free After Effects importer to customize and add graphic treatment to your captions.

Our new AE script allows Transcriptive users to customize SRTs in After Effects and bring them back into Premiere via Dynamic Link or a Motion Graphic Template. Learn more and download the script here!