Pricing for Transcriptive Web App



Web App Subscription*

*Does not include transcribing costs. Transcriptions are $0.08/min or $0.04/min with pre-paid minutes packages. Pre-paid minutes can be purchased in bulks of $150 or $500.

Producer Monthly: $19/month USD

Producer Annual: $160/year USD

Free limited subscription available: $0 USD

If you own a Transcriptive for Premiere Panel, Transcriptive Web App Producer subscriptions will charge a discounted price of $8/month or $96/year. Users can downgrade their "Producer" account to a "Review Only" free account anytime.

Transcriptive for Premiere Pro users are not required to sign up for a Producer subscription. They can choose to create a free account if they do not intend to take advantage of the app to transcribe and edit transcripts online.

If you do not own Transcriptive for Premiere Pro, Producer accounts cost $19/month or $160/year.