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Does the Web App subscription give me access to Transcriptive for Premiere Pro? Producer Monthly and Annual accounts give you the option to access the functionalities of our Premiere panel online. However, Transcriptive for Premiere Pro is a license-based plugin, costs $199, and will require a serial number in addition to your login credentials to become fully active. Buy a license!

The Transcriptive Web App and Premiere Pro panel are fully integrated solutions. If you own a license for the Premiere Panel, Transcriptive web app “Producer” Monthly and Annual accounts will charge an $8/monthly subscription fee to your credit card. Users can downgrade their "Producer" account to a "Review Only" free account anytime.

If you do not own Transcriptive for Premiere Pro, Producer accounts cost $19/month or $160/year.

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Does my subscription include unlimited transcription? “Producer Monthly”($19/month) and “Producer Annual ($160/year”) subscriptions come with 30 min in transcription credits but will not cover transcription costs after the credit is used. Transcribing costs will apply in addition to the subscription fees.

After using the 30 minutes in free transcriptions that come with your account, Transcriptive will charge $0.08/min (pay as you go) or $0.04/min (pre-paid minutes package) even if you are still under a trial period. The total cost of your transcription will show on the transcribe window before you confirm you would like to proceed and transcribe the file.

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How can I make sure my data is not being used for training A.I. training?

It is unlikely your audio file will be used for training. However, you can change your Transcriptive Web App settings to make sure no data is stored. In the preferences, if you select ‘Delete transcription jobs from server’ your data is deleted immediately. This will delete everything from the A.I. service’s servers and from the Digital Anarchy servers.

To learn more about how the A.I. Speech-To-Text technology is trained and why he audio by itself is not that useful to improve accuracy please read this Blog Post.

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My transcript is really inaccurate with a lot of words that are incorrect. Why?

Make sure you are using Transcription AI as your speech engine. It is slightly more accurate than Speechmatics and it may work better for the audio you are transcribing. Also, background noise and unclear speaking can make it harder for the speech services to figure out what’s being said.

The less noise you have the better so make sure your talent is mic’d, speaks clearly and any background noise is minimized. Talent that has a heavy accent or is off mic will get transcribed with less accuracy (sometimes significantly less) than talent that is mic’d and well spoken. Regardless, Transcriptive AI will be about 2% more accurate , especially with recordings that have a lot of background noise. We highly recommend you use Transcriptive AI if you’re doing captions or subtitles.

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Can I use my transcript to create Captions and Subtitles?

Web App Producer Monthly and Annual subscriptions allow users to export their transcripts as SRT, VTT, SMPTE-TT in addition to Plain or Rich Text so transcriptions can easily be used to create captions and subtitles. This option is not available for account under a FREE subscription. Please upgrade your account if export options are not available for you.