Send, receive and edit transcripts with a browser

The real power of comes from collaborating with your team, clients or video editors via a web browser. Log into your Web App account to send and receive transcripts and media, see their transcript edits, comments and more.

If your team of video editors is using our Transcriptive for Premiere Pro panel, the app is also a great way of creating instant rough cuts.

Create collaborative Rough Cuts with Comments and Strikethrough allows users to take advantage of transcribed text to speed up the video editing process and create collaborative rough cuts in no time. Add comments to the best soundbites in your footage, make notes of the best selects, and use our strikethrough to signal what should not be included in your rough cut.

All these notes can be accessed by other Web App users or sent to Premiere Pro editors working on Transcriptive for Premiere Pro.


Share your work with Premiere Pro editors or other Web App accounts

Send a transcript or video file from to Premiere and vice-versa or collaborate with other users to quickly make a rough-cut video for your project. Multiple users can edit a single document and send the final version to Premiere editors to continue working with Transcriptive for Premiere and PowerSearch.

Search for media content to find sound bites quickly

Cannot find the exact time something was said after shooting hours of footage? Once your video is converted to text or transcript is synced to the video, every word will have a timecode and all soundbites become searchable. Enter keywords in the search field, Locate the soundbite you want to play, click on the word in the transcript, and play the clip from there without having to scrub through hours of footage.


Correct misspelled words to export captions and subtitles

The text editor works like a Word processor so you can correct misspelled words, manage your speakers and edit speaker names online. After making all the necessary changes on the text, export captions and subtitles to make your videos accessible and improve SEO when posting them online.

The files can be sent to video editors working Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve and more!