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ToonIt! Photo for Photoshop

$129 USD

Crossgrade from Video

$99 USD

Crossgrade from Photoshop

$49 USD

Discount Bundles: ToonIt! Photo is also available at a discount in these special deals: Anarchist Suite, and CartoonIt Bundle.

These charts explain which Operating Systems are supported by ToonIt Photo, as well as the host applications that are supported.

While we try to keep these charts up to date, with so many new versions of OSes and applications coming out sometimes we forget to add something. All of our products are kept up to date and run in the latest versions of the OS or host application.

= Supported.
= Future support is planned.

This chart gives the release date and version number of each release of ToonIt Photo.

Release History




ToonIt! Video


June 2007

release version

ToonIt! Video


August 2008

sold to Red Giant Software

ToonIt! Photo


December 2008

release version

ToonIt! Aperture ***Discontinued***


February 2009

release version

ToonIt! Photo, Aperture ***Discontinued***


January 2010

update with new features

ToonIt! Photo, Aperture ***Discontinued***


February 2010

minor bug fixes

ToonIt! Aperture ***Discontinued***


March 2010

update for Aperture 3 ***Discontinued***

ToonIt! Photo


June 2010

update for PS CS5

ToonIt! Photo, Aperture ***Discontinued***


May 2011

speed increase

ToonIt! Photo, Aperture ***Discontinued***


October 2011

bug fix

An upgrade path is available for owners of ToonIt! for Video. You are eligible if you have purchased ToonIt! Video 1.0 from Digital Anarchy or Red Giant ToonIt 2.0 from Red Giant Software. Please include your original ToonIt! serial number when purchasing. Purchase the ToonIt! Photo upgrade. We will contact you about proof of original ownership if we do not locate you in our customer database.

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