Press reviews for ToonIt! Photo

The newer reviews on this page talk about ToonIt! for Photoshop. Others discuss our earlier release of ToonIt! for After Effects. As you'll see, ToonIt's high quality and great results are equally as good in any application. Check back here for new Photoshop & Aperture reviews!

By Stan Sholik

"ToonIt! Photo version 2.0 will not only allow you to quickly and easily create amazing transformations of your images, it¹s so much fun to use that your free time will simply vanish!... What you can¹t do in Photoshop without a lot of effort, and where ToonIt! excels, is transforming portraits into cartoon- or graphic novel-like creations... The software opens up your creative channels and can result in saleable portrait, fine art and even commercial images."
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By Dave Huss

"With regard to “cartoon” creation, ToonIt! Photo offers an extraordinary amount of control over what the final image will look like. From the dark tones of a graphic novel to the Sunday morning comics, almost any cartoon style can be achieved with this jewel... ToonIt! Photo is a professional tool in every sense. The degree of control that it affords is pretty amazing. The only downside is the amount of time (a few minutes) required for the final rendering but I choose to look at that time as a built-in rest break."

By Kevin McAuliffe

"In the end, ToonIt! does three things right; It's very simple to use; it's very (very) quick to process a look; and it produces great looking results. Pretty much everything you would be looking for in a plug-in. ToonIt! costs $159 US, and for a single plug-in it might seem a little expensive, but I believe that it is well worth it if you are looking for a "cartoon-look" plug-in. With 45 presets, a powerful plug-in engine and excellent results, every penny of the $159 you spent, you will see on the screen." Read review

By Geetesh Bajaj

"ToonIt, a photo cartooning Adobe Photoshop compatible plug-in uses advanced algorithms to process your image and create cartoon-style shading and lines. You could do all this manually using time consuming techniques like rotoscoping and hand painting — but it's so much easier and interactive doing it with ToonIt." Read review

By Jim Hoerricks

"If you've got a bunch of photos to get through, you'll enjoy the fact that it's really that easy. You can clean up the edges a bit, or leave it as-is. It's one of the quickest ways to get from basic image to outline effect. With all of the other presets, and the ability to tweak each one to your liking, it's well worth the price." Read review

By Marc Franklin; This review is about ToonIt! Video, our initial release for After Effects

" 'ToonIt! Roto Toon' mimics the effect that I’ve been seeing on TV a lot lately, most recently in the Charles Schwab 'Talk to Chuck' series of commercials (in actuality the work of animator and rotoscoping software developer Bob Sabiston). With ToonIt! you simply apply this filter and your video looks like a hand-colored cartoon... No other plug-in out there does this cartoon look as well as Digital Anarchy’s ToonIt!" Read review

By Neil Bennett; Rating 4/5 This review is about ToonIt! Video, our initial release for After Effects

"Most large video-effects filters collections – and many NLEs – include filters that claim to turn real-world footage into cartoon. However, every one we’ve seen has been rubbish. ToonIt isn’t perfect, but it’s the best we’ve seen so far... [T]he effect’s output never loses the obvious look of modified video unless you push it further with AE’s paint tools – though using Roto Toon as the first step in rotoscoping can save you a lot of time over the course of a project." Read review

By David Basulto; This review is about ToonIt! Video, the initial release for After Effects

"I really enjoy using ToonIt and I am happy to include it in my After Effects arsenal. The amount of different looks I can create with the four filters is amazing. The interface is easy to use and customizable. Digital Anarchy has been working hard perfecting it and it shows." Read review

June 30th, 2010 — ToonIt! Photo Plugin is Updated for Adobe Photoshop CS5 and 64-bit Native Operation on Mac. Free CS5/64-bit Update for Digital Anarchy’s Popular Photoshop Cartooning Software.

February 4th, 2009 — Digital Anarchy Announces Two Plugins for Aperture, Knoll Light Factory and ToonIt! Photo. New Filters for Apple’s Aperture Allow Photographers To Add Lighting and Cartoon Effects to Their Images.