Cartoon Gallery for ToonIt Photo

Who is using ToonIt? Photographers, graphic designers and fine artists, just like you. Click on an artist to read about his/her work and process.

Bean Strangeways

Bean's Portfolio

Bean Strangeways, an Australian photographer, is a proud user of ToonIt! since 2013. Don't be fooled, because he does regular photography as well. It's just that crazy thing of, nothing sells as great as the Lego ToonIt! photos. But hey, he likes it, and if that means he garners a few giggles in the process... well, then it's worth it.

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Ken Whitaker
Leading Software Maniacs

Ken is managing director of Leading Software Maniacs, a company that teaches other organizations how to integrate agile project management into their software development. He is the author of 'Managing Software Maniacs', a related book that discusses how to create a winning development team. Seems to us that Ken is also a creative soul, as he self-produces a promotional comic book for which he uses ToonIt Photo.

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janet fikar

Janet Fikar

Janet Fikar is a photographer who specializes in event and landscape photography. Janet told us, "I use ToonIt quite often. I find that it is a very stable plug-in and has quite a bit of flexibility. I like ToonIt because I can create a cartoon/watercolor effect by simplifying the details. ToonIt provides a number of controls that allows me to apply as much or as little effect as I am looking for. I especially like to use it when photographing children."

Chrissie Campbell
Kakadu Art

Chrissie is a self taught Artist, Graphic Artist and Creative Digital Photographic Artist. Chrissie told us, "I love to get photos and use great tools such as ToonIt! to enhance and design unique pics. And in the 27 years as a Graphic Artist, I have not found as good a tool as ToonIt! to achieve these unique images. I look forward to more releases by Digital Anarchy....bring it on!" Click here for more by Chrissie.

Nick Cattermole

Nick Cattermole is a British Artist who lives in London, but travels extensively as percussionist with the Bollywood Brass Band. Nick told us, “These shots are from a series I captured during a quiet time in McLeod Ganj (where the Dali Lama resides in India), after playing at the wild Fashion Week in Delhi. Every day I’d do the meditative walk around the Palace and photograph the wildlife and people that caught my eye. I love the subtle effects that Toon-it can achieve. It is a cut above the other filters of its type and it worked really well for this series.” Click here for more by Nick.

Stanton Perry

Stanton S. Perry is a retired 3D animator and photographer who resides in Laguna Niguel, CA. He has traveled to over 22 countries worldwide and 48 of out 50 states. Shooting "panoramas" is his favorite form of photography. The ones shown in this gallery were shot at various locations in California and Italy. Click here for more by Stanton.

Andrew Lyon

Andrew Lyon is an Artist and Capturer of Light and owner of WhatDeHeck Fine Art. He has developed his own personal style of combining photography and painting to create unique works of art. With his MFA in hand, he has been teaching fine art among other things for several years. Click here for more by Andrew.