Photoshop Tutorials for Texture Anarchy

Texture Anarchy is a sophisticated plugin suite for Adobe Photoshop. Use these three Photoshop texture filters to create beautiful, seamless procedural textures. Our tutorials will kickstart your fun.

Want to watch from your desktop? Download all of the Texture Anarchy tutorials. There are 7 tutorials in this Zip file. (53.5 mb)

Get the manual for Texture Anarchy

Download the Texture Anarchy Manual. This is a fast way to get started with the plugin.

Introduction to Photoshop textures

This video introduces the three Photoshop texture filters in the suite, and explains the UI of Texture Explorer. It also covers some basic concepts like procedural textures and fractal noise.

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Part 1: Inside the Main Room

This movie explains the primary Photoshop texture tools and features of the Texture Anarchy Main Room. This first UI level of Texture Explorer has controls like a Mutator, color and depth choices, and the main Preset Manager.

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Part 2: Inside the Main Room

This movie goes into some of the less noticeable features of the Main Room. In particular, we look at the Layer Controls and the Color and Bump material wells.

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Using the Lighting Editor

This movie discusses the Main Room's Lighting Editor, its tools and Light presets. Learn how Lights affect the appearance of your texture by creating depth and color.

Make some noise!

Deconstruct a multi-layer texture. This Photoshop tutorial takes a look at some of Texture Anarchy's noise types, and explains how its different channels work. It's a great intro to creating textures.

The distressed edge

Create an interesting frame around photos or images with grungy, distorted, decorative, or otherwise manipulated edges. It's Edge Anarchy doing what it was born to do.

Create cool 'edgy' text

Use Edge Anarchy to create funky, cool treatments for your text. This tutorial goes over how to make your text look as if it's carved in stone.