Get updates for your products

All of our product updates are free. An 'update' generally refers to a minor change or improvement for issues that have come up. If you already own a product, its updates are always free. For info about paid product 'upgrades', click here.

How to update, fast & easy

If you already own one of our plugins, you can easily update it yourself. Here are the simple instructions.

Step 1
First, download the demo installer from our Mac Demo page or Windows Demo page.

Step 2
Run the Uninstaller included in the installer file. It is called This app will remove the current version of your Digital Anarchy product. It will not remove the serial number information.

Step 3
Install the updated version of your product. For easy instructions about how to install, go to the Mac Install page or to the Windows Install page.

Step 4
The newly installed version will automatically recognize your existing serial number. If it doesn’t see your serial number, make sure that you entered the serial number correctly. This Support FAQ lists the common mistakes when entering a serial number. If these tips do not help, please contact us so we can resend your serial number information.

What is an 'upgrade'

An 'upgrade' is always a paid version of the software. An 'upgrade' generally refers to a significant change in the product itself, like adding more filters to a package or revamping the code to support a major OS change. The product number will move up, for instance, from version 1.0 to 2.0. We do charge for upgrades but give a discount to current owners. Go to the list of Upgrades on the store.