Get help with your purchase

This page gives you important information about our policies regarding returns, exchanges and other pre- and post-sale questions.

Is your product returnable?

  • Q.  What is your return policy? I have decided that I don't need the product.
  • A.  We do NOT issue refunds. When you receive electronic download instructions in your Inbox, that email is the equivalent of breaking the seal on a CD. The product becomes non-refundable. For this reason, we provide a lot of free information — including fully working demos and free tutorials — to help you properly evaluate a Digital Anarchy product before you buy it.

I want to exchange the platform (Mac to Windows)

  • Q.  I want to change my Windows to a Mac license. (or vice-versa)
  • A.  No problem. We recently changed our policy about moving between Mac and Windows. Previously we did charge for the second platform. We now give you a cross-platform license when requested. Please use this short Request Form to let us know what you need.

    Keep in mind that our single-license policy is still in effect. You can install your license on two computers, Mac or Windows, but those computers cannot be run simultaneously. Serial numbers are now cross platform.

Can I buy with a Purchase Order

  • Q.  Do you accept Purchase Orders? My company does not like to work with credit cards payments.
  • A.  We generally will accept purchase orders on orders of $1500 or more of if you're a non-profit company, government agency or an educational facility. In those cases, we will often work on a 30-day purchase order if we can make direct contact with your Purchasing Department. Please contact us at

What is a 'coupon' or 'voucher' code?

  • Q.  What is a 'voucher code'? I see that listed on your storefront during checkout.
  • A.  If you are taking advantage of a sale or discounted purchase, you will be given a 'coupon code'. This is a numeric code that reduces the price of your purchase. The discount happens during the checkout process.

How do I use my coupon code?

  • Q.  I am ready to purchase, but I need help using the coupon that you gave me.
  • A.  Following are simple instructions to buy online. First, go to our online store.
    1. 1- Fill out purchase info.
      Choose your products. Then click the CHECKOUT button. Your cart will show the non-discount price. In the first Checkout screen, fill out the 'Ship To' info. If your 'Bill To' info is different, please fill out that information also. Then click CONTINUE.

    2. 2- Enter coupon code.
      The following screen will ask you for type of credit card and an optional 'coupon code'. Please enter the unique code we have given you. Then click CONTINUE.

    3. 3- Price will recalculate.
      The final screen will recalculate the price and show your discount. Now enter in your credit card information and finish the purchase!

    4. For resellers only:
      If you are a vendor purchasing for a customer, please send us a separate email with the customer's info and your Order Number.