Get help with receiving the product

This page explains what our electronic delivery means, and how quickly you will receive a product after your purchase.

How quickly will my product arrive?

  • Q.  How is my product sent? How quickly will it arrive?
  • A.  Once you place an order, you will receive two emails. The first email confirms your purchase. A third email with product information arrives within 24 hours (and usually within that business day) of your order. This email will contain links to our FTP site for downloading the product installers and PDF manuals. It will also contain your serial numbers to unlock the installers.

    If you need your product sooner, please contact between 10:00 am – 6:00 pm, US Pacific Time. We'll speed up the product email.

What is a 'digital download'?

  • Q.  What does 'digital download' or 'electronic delivery' mean?
  • A.  Electronic delivery' or 'digital download' mean that our product fulfillment is done through the internet. We send you an email that has your serial number and links to click for download. This allows us to keep our costs down and pass those savings along to you. Electronic delivery gets the product to you quickly – no waiting for the delivery truck! It is also environment since there's no packaging to throw away.

I want a disk instead

  • Q.  Can I get a disk instead of an email?
  • A.  Yes, if you are inthe United States. Just choose the shipping charge when you buy your product. Remember, DVD's are optional! There is no printed manual, and all of the material on the DVD can be downloaded or streamed off our website.

If I order a disk, can I still download?

  • Q.  If I order a disk, can I still receive the email?
  • A.  Yes. If you order a disk, we will still send you the product email. Even if you don't download the product, it's good to keep the email for your records.

What are shipping costs in the United States?

  • Q.  How much does it cost to ship a disk in the United States?
  • A.  All DVD shipments in the United States are $15.00. These packages are sent via United Sates Post Office (USPS) Priority Mail. USPS typically delivers in 2–3 business days. This service does not provide a tracking number and does not guarantee the delivery time. Remember, DVD's are optional.

    If you want to make other arrangements, please contact us when you purchase. Packages are mailed at the end of each business day. For weekend orders, the package will go out on Monday afternoon.

What are shipping costs outside the United States?

  • Q.  How much does it cost to ship a disk outside of the United States?
  • A.  We no longer offer disk shipment outside the US. The costs and effort involved are simply too high for our small company. Everything that you would receive on CD is available through download.