Read our most frequent questions

This page lists the most frequent questions about sales and support. Most of our answers refer you to a related page that gives more information.

How many computers will my license work on?

  •  Our license covers use on one desktop station and one laptop, but not simultaneously. This is providing the laptop is used as a secondary traveling station rather than an in-office workstation. Your license covers use on two computers, but you will not be able to have the plugin open on both at the same time.

    If you need more than one license, we do offer multi-seat and volume discounts. You can get a quote using this Request Form .

Help! I lost my serial number

  •   No problem! We archive all your purchase information. If you need to reinstall the plugin we can resend your serial number and a link to the current version of the installer. Click here to email us! Click here to email us ! You can often update or reinstall a plug-in yourself. If you already know your serial number, mouse over “Demos” on the top menu of this website, click on the plugin name in the drop-down menu, and choose the appropriate version. Please notice we have different demo pages for Mac or Windows

How can my company become a reseller?

Is your software refundable?

Will the software work on Mac and Windows?

  •   Our software is cross-platform and does work on both Mac and Windows.

    Please keep in mind that our single-license policy is still in effect: you can install your license on two computers, Mac or Windows, but those computers cannot run simultaneously.

Can I get your plug-in at a discount?

  •   Sure! We have bundles that discount certain plug-ins when they're bought together. There are also volume discounts available. Join our mailing list to find out about special offers or sales that we offer through the year or contact to learn more about volume license discounts.

How do I get a plug-in update?

  •   Plugin updates are available for free on our demo pages for Mac and Windows .

    An 'update' is different for an “upgrade”. It generally refers to a change, fix, or improvement to small issues that have come up. Updates are always free. To follow the simple instructions on how to 'update' on your own, go here.

    An 'upgrade' is always a paid version of the software. An 'upgrade' generally refers to a significant change in the plug-in itself, like adding more filters to a package or revamping the code to support a major OS change. The plugin number will move up, for instance, from version 1.0 to 2.0. We do charge for upgrades, but give a discount to current owners. All upgrades are available for purchase at our store.

Get support for old plug-ins

  •   If you need to reinstall a plugin that you purchased a while ago and is no longer listed on this website, please fill out this short Request Form to let us know what you need.

    Older versions of existing products, like Beauty Box Video 1.0, will stay up and available for download on the Demos Page . If you'd like to look at a list of discontinued plug-ins, please go to this FAQ page.