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Primatte Event Chromakey for Apple Aperture

Blue / Green Screen Photography Plugin

Powerful tether and batch for chromakey photos in Aperture

Powerful tether and batch in Aperture

Primatte Event 5.1 for Aperture is a powerful workflow tool for blue and green screen photography. Primatte Event features the powerful ability to use chromakey in a live photoshoot with Apple Aperture’s tethering and batch capabilities. It's the perfect choice for photographers who work in high volume environments like weddings, events, little league and school portraits.


From shot to print in a few minutes

The power of Primatte Chromakey is fully available in this new, live workflow: AutoMask, 3-Step masking, color correction, backdrops and overlays. But you can do even more in Primatte Event! The tethering and batch features in Aperture make productivity and output much easier, allowing us to offer features that aren't possible in Photoshop. Learn more about Primatte Event Software.


Free Primatte 5.1 update for Photoshop

The Primatte 5.1 release also includes a number of improvements to existing features in Primatte Chromakey for Photoshop and Phothsop Elements. This is a free update for current owners of Primatte Chromakey 5.0. Get the Primatte update.

Key Plugin Features

  • Seamlessly use Primatte Event in a tethered live workflow
  • Print a composite immediately or batch process later
  • Perfect for high-volume event, little league and school portraits

Primatte Event for Aperture

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