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Primatte Event Chromakey for Apple Aperture

Blue / Green Screen Photography Plugin

Powerful tether and batch for chromakey photos in Aperture

Gallery of Primatte Event for Aperture

Who is using Primatte Event software? Portrait photographers who want to produce a high volume of high quality photo composites. Event photographers looking for an inexpensive way to run a live workflow. Click on an artist to see his/her work.


Shawn Wright, Wright Studios

Wright Studio speciailizes in creating artistic portraits for almost anyone: High School Seniors, Children, Commercial, Industrial, Proms, Sports Teams, and Families. Shawn Wright takes care of the creative side of the business with photography, graphic design and marketing. Co-owner Betsy Wright runs the day-to-day financial operations for the studio, which operates out of Jeffersonville, IN. Shawn told us, "We love what we do for a living." It certainly shows in Wright Studio's portfolio and as you can see, Shawn has been using Primatte for his creative work!

Click here for more by Shawn.

Gerry Waite, All Sports Action Photography

Gerry Waite runs All Sports Action Photography in Venture, Ca. He has built his business by offering sports-posed photos for over 5 years. "We have processed more than 26,000 Chromakey images, all with Primatte. I want to continue to provide my youth sports-league clients with new creative options. Primatte 3.0 offers enhancements that are already improving my productivity, like a speedier way of approaching the masking process."

Click here for more by Gerry.


Brian Donnelly, IYI Images

 Brian Donnellly is a creative fashion & product photographer whose trademark is producing outside the box fashion editorials. "I'm a local fashion photographer and the proud customer of Digital Anarchy Primatte. Here are some shots from our last fashion editorial shoot with a new fashion designer in Beverly Hills." Click here for more by Brian.

Neal Martin, Martin Photography

 About his photography business, Neal Martin told us, "I am a professional photographer in Arlington, Texas. 'Suspension Of Disbelief' is a technical term whereby my goal is to create portraits, when a person's mind tells them 'it can't be real'. [Primatte] has expanded our creative efforts and made our portraits easier to bring an idea to reality. Our only limitation is our customer's imagination."

Click here for more by Neal.

Chris Ruhaak, Heartland Photos & Design

Chris Ruhaak owns and operates Heartland Photos & Design (HP&D), a small creative design and photography studio. Chris told us, "We do a decent amount of portraits for executives, and these same professionals need business cards and brochures. Since we provide both these services, we needed a way to conveniently mask the subjects so as to give them a variety of choices and give us a quick and cost effective way of doing so. Primatte gives us and our clients a unique way to provide creative designs that stand out above the rest of the crowd and that's what makes everyone happy."

Click here for more by HP&D.



Charlie Mortel, Mortel Studios

 Charles Mortel is a professional photographer in Chicago providing wedding, portrait, and event coverage. Charlie says about his work, "Over the past year, I have incorporated Primatte into my digital workflow to create dynamic portrait montages. Some projects involve digitally removing the background to hundreds of images. Primatte makes the processing of these images quick and efficient."

Click here for more by Charlie.

Stephanie Clark, Stephanie Clark Photography

Stephanie Clark is an Ashland, KY-based photographer specializing in fine art portraiture of babies, children, families and maternity.

Stephanie says about her work, "Seniors are one of my favorite things to photograph. Primatte has been an instrumental tool for me. It's especially beneficial with all the scrolly, shabby chic backgrounds that have become so popular. I can shoot on my green chromakey and very easily drop the different backgrounds right in."

Click here for more by Stephanie.

Diane McCormick, McCardinal Photography

 Diane McCormick is a principal at McCardinal Photo. This New England-based company travels throughout New England and New York for on-site photo shoots such as live events and executive and group portraits. Their portable studio allows great flexibility and their 100% digital capabilities – including their use of Primatte Chromakey – allow limitless creativity.

Click here for more by Diane. See more of Diane's work in our Backdrop Designer Gallery.

Deverie Rudd, Deverie FX,

Deverie Rudd specializes in senior portraiture and glamour artistic photography. She makes certain to add an artisitc flair to every portrait series. Deverie says, "Today's teens are very sophisticated and have a definite idea of what they want, or at least what they don't want, when it comes to their senior portraits. I aim to specialize in giving these young adults their dream image." Sometimes these commissions flow over into more fine art stylizations, and 'Cabaret Marceau' below is one such example.

Click here for more by Deverie.


JoDee Lapp, Photographer

 JoDee Lapp does her photography from a home studio and concentrates on family portraits. JoDee says, "I started this business/hobby only a couple of years ago with a Canon 10D, cheap monolights and Photoshop Elements. Nothing has changed except this wonderful software that I purchased from Digital Anarchy that has helped me like you wouldn't believe!"

Click here for more by JoDee. See more of JoDee's work in our Backdrop Designer Gallery.

Steven Gotts, CreatingImages

 Steven Gotts is the principle of Creating Images, and acts as both producer and photographer. He talked about his use of Primatte Chromakey. "I am finding that I employ chromakey much more as part of my regular workflow with the release of Primatte 3.0. It made a marked improvement for getting a clean mask."

Click here for more by Steven.

Robert Benevides, Benefex Studio

 Robert has been a Special Effects Make-Up artist for the past 20 years and teaches that subject full-time at NYU. "These photos are from my personal project 'Las Guerreras' which is a project consisting of different female warriors through the ages. My workflow consists of shooting the actors against a green screen. I use Primatte to pull the keys and to reduce spill."

Click here to read and see more by Robert.

Alex Cantinero, Objetiva Studio

 The studio Objetiva Studio has been around for 5 years. Many of its artists have been in the business for over 15 years, as you can tell by the high quality of their work. Their customers include some of the best photographers of their city, Rio de Janeiro. The Objetiva Studio website shows off how many of their commercial pieces were digitally constructed. Primatte Chromakey is used for some of this work and we think the results are great! Click here for more by Objetiva Studio.

Marco Cavazzana & Morgan Norman, Norman Cavazzana

The acclaimed New York & Stockholm based creative duo Norman Cavazzana specialize in art, advertising and fashion photography. Their recent work can be seen on the likes of Top Model and an array of international campaigns.

They use Photoshop and Primatte Chromakey extensively in their workflow. Creative Director Marco Cavazzana says, 'Digital Anarchy’s plug-in Primatte Chromakey is simply amazing, it has become such a vital tool in my workflow that I just can’t live without it.' Click here for more by the creative duo Norman Cavazzana.

Adam Hunter, Jesse Palon, Tiger Advertising

 About his studio's work, Adam Hunter says, "Tiger Advertising is a photography and graphics studio located in Toronto, Canada. We do a wide range of commercial photography, including product photography. I think that using Primatte gives our studio a competitive edge because we can create images faster and cheaper and better."

Click here for more by Tiger Advertising.

LENNON the Photographer

LENNON the Photographer's work has appeared internationally in all mediums. One of his specialties is celebrity photoshoots.

LENNON says, "With the invention of the Digital Camera came unforeseen competition and tremendous budget cuts. Primate has allowed me to re-invent what I do in the studio, allowing me to shoot anytime, without travel expenses or weather permits. It's the wave of the future for Professional Photographers. With the aid of Primatte - my studio location is now the entire world - limited only by my imagination!".


Above, a photoshoot with Disney personality Michael Petersen. Click here for more.

Above, a photoshoot with Ambercrobie Model Billy Marquette. Click here for more.

Above, a photoshoot with Rod Craft. Click here for more.

Loe Beerens, photographer

 Loe Beerens is a professional photographer for the music and entertainment industry in the Netherlands. Loe shoots his models against a green or blue chroma screen. Then he masks out that single color background with Primatte. He often uses our other plugin, Backdrop Designer, to create a new decorative background, as in the image below.

See more of Loe's work in our Backdrop Designer Gallery.

Bill Warshaw, Stagelight Family Productions

 Outside of his day job as a Senior Engineer, Bill Warshaw is a volunteer at a non-profit youth theatre group, Stagelight Family Productions, in North Orange County, California. Though Bill *claims* to not be a professional graphic artist, we're pretty impressed by his work advertising their local productions.

Bill says, "Primatte worked out quite well and saved me a bunch of time. The process is much quicker and gives better results - a win win!"

Click here for more by Bill Warshaw.

Darren McGee, I Love New York Tourism

 Darren McGee works as the photographer for I love New York Tourism. Working closely with Jeff Stasko of their in-house graphics unit, he needed to come up with a poster that would commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the French & Indian War and draw interest to the institution's upcoming events.

Click here to read Darren's story and view more images.


Key Plugin Features

  • Seamlessly use Primatte Event in a tethered live workflow
  • Print a composite immediately or batch process later
  • Perfect for high-volume event, little league and school portraits

Primatte Event for Aperture

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