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Primatte Event Chromakey for Apple Aperture

Blue / Green Screen Photography Plugin

Powerful tether and batch for chromakey photos in Aperture

Powerful greenscreen solution for live photo events

Primatte Event for Aperture is the perfect choice for photographers who work in high volume or live environments. If you often process thousands of greenscreen images for events, little league and school portraits, then our Primatte Event plugin is for you.

How does Primatte Event work? That's easy. Once you capture a photo with Aperture’s Tether panel, just bring the image into the Primatte interface. Primatt eEvent will automatically remove the chromakey screen, and let you choose a new background on the fly.

You can print or save the final Primatte composite and quickly move on to the next subject, taking just a couple minutes for each photo. Or you can treat photos one-by-one in Primatte Event, and process the group in batch later. Primatte Event works the way you do.


Workflow features of Primatte Event include:

  • Tethered photo import: Seamlessly use Primatte Event in a tethered live workflow, processing each subject from shot to print in a few minutes. This use of Aperture opens up creative possibilities for event photographers.

  •  Batch processing in Aperture: Batch a group of photos at once, or go through each photo individually to make adjustments. With one click of a button, Aperture and Primatte Event can batch process all of the images for a powerful high volume workflow. Go home to get some sleep while Primatte does the work.

  • Smarter AutoMask: Redeisgned in Primatte Chromakey 5.0, the AutoMask tool has a high success rate and easy functionality when batch processing large numbers of photos. A photographer who produces high volumes for event photography, little league and school photos will love this Primatte Event feature.
  •  Add Backdrops & Overlays: A Backdrop and Overlay feature adds text, logos or custom backgrounds directly within Primatte Event. The ability to add all elements in the Primatte interface gives a smoother, speedier workflow.

  • Preview multiple backgrounds: Quickly preview Backdrop and Overlay choices in Primatte Event during a photo session. The Move to Front feature is very helpful in flipping between logos and custom environments as your client watches.
  •  Powerful edge removal: Primatte software really shows its power when dealing with soft edges or semi-transparent areas. Primatte Event easily creates a mask around areas of detail that are typically difficult to keep. Flyaway hair, a crystal glass, sheer material, even smoke and water. We keep 'em all for you.
  • Remove difficult spill: An important part of Primatte software is its built-in removal of color spill. During a photoshoot, light bounces off the screen and may throw an undesirable color tint on your subject. Primatte Event software will remove that unwanted color, like green spill on a model's blonde hair.
  •  Industry-leading technology: For over 20 years, Primatte has been the cutting edge of chromakey technology for film, television and photography. Primatte has been used on feature films including Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter and 300, and on TV shows like Deadwood and House. See gallery examples.

Key Plugin Features

  • Seamlessly use Primatte Event in a tethered live workflow
  • Print a composite immediately or batch process later
  • Perfect for high-volume event, little league and school portraits

Primatte Event for Aperture

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