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Primatte Event Chromakey for Apple Aperture

Blue / Green Screen Photography Plugin

Powerful tether and batch for chromakey photos in Aperture

Professional chromakey masking with Primatte Event

This page shows the professional masking results you will get with Primatte Event software. This Aperture plugin has a simple interface that produces fast results, giving event photographers fast, smart tool for large groups of chromakey photos.


Use Aperture's Tethering feature to capture your image, process it with Primatte Event, and save or print the composite. Processing photos at live events is quick and easy.

Primatte Event lets you offer multiple backdrops and logo overlays for the subject, so your clients can choose the one they want after the photoshoot.

Primatte Event is terrific for portrait photography that has difficult areas to mask, like semi-transparent veils in a wedding shot.

Key Plugin Features

  • Seamlessly use Primatte Event in a tethered live workflow
  • Print a composite immediately or batch process later
  • Perfect for high-volume event, little league and school portraits

Primatte Event for Aperture

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