Sophisticated Chromakey Masking with Primatte

Primatte Chromakey software has a simple interface that produces sophisticated results. The tools are easy to use; just click-and-drag to define the color you want to remove.

Chromakey photography has become an important aspect of commercial photography and graphic design. For many years, Primatte Chromakey was only used to create special effects for motion pictures and television. Now this powerful chromakey software and blue / green screen photography tool is in the hands of professional photographers and designers. Welcome to your new workflow!

Primatte Chromakey semi-transparent

Primatte Chromakey works great on semi-transparent areas, like sheer fabric, glass, plastic and smoke.

Primatte Chromakey Wispy Flyaway Hair

Primatte Chromakey works great on wispy, flyaway hair.

Primatte Chromakey Time and Cost Saving

Primatte Chromakey is terrific for recreating the perfect environment when time or cost would make a on-location shoot difficult.