Press reviews for PowerSearch

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Kevin P McAuliffe, Doodle News

"If you’re a Premiere editor working in a medium to large project, and you find yourself constantly looking for clips based on Metadata inputs, dialogue, or any other “search able” parameter (like markers), Its my opinion after using it, that Power Search is an absolute must!." - Kevin P McAuliffe, Doodle News

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By Jose Antunes, Journalist, writer and photographer, ProVideo Coalition

"PowerSearch is particularly powerful when used in conjunction with Digital Anarchy’s Transcriptive Plugin for Premiere, which uses Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) to transcribe all dialog within a Premiere project into text metadata. Since Transcriptive automatically assigns timecode, i.e. metadata, to every spoken word in the transcript, PowerSearch transforms the transcripts into searchable content, which means editors can also search for other valuable metadata within a transcript, including date, format, location and many other data points." - Jose Antunes, ProVideo Coalition

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