Instantly Search Every Video in Your Premiere Project

Got 50 hours of footage and a producer who wants that 15 second quote? PowerSearch will find it instantly.

PowerSearch provides editors with a fast and efficient way to locate what was said in specific clips within a project. It eliminates the slow, tedious process of manually scrubbing through clips or sequences looking for where on-screen talent said specific things. This significantly accelerates your editing and post production workflow by letting you find quotes and quips with lightning speed.

Search Everything: all your dialog, all your clips, all your markers

This intelligent new search engine for Premiere enables editors to quickly scour an entire project and instantly locate specific clips and sequences based on those keyword searches. It looks through clips, sequences, markers, SRTs andtranscripts from Transcriptive or other transcription services… if there’s text somewhere in your Premiere project, PowerSearch will find it!

Find the exact moment you’re looking for, no matter if you have one or a hundred videos.

PowerSearch quickly compiles search results in a panel in Premiere, where each result can be clicked on. Instead of taking you to a web page, the Source panel (for clips) or the Timeline panel (for sequences) will be opened and you’ll jump to the precise timecode where that word or quote appears. It’ll change your workflow in incredible ways.

Works with most transcription services

Of course, we think Transcriptive is the best way to acquire A.I. or human transcripts, but if you’re using SimonSays, Trint, Dscript, Speedscriber or any of the other A.I. transcription services that export to Premiere, PowerSearch will work just great. We don’t care where the transcript came from, we’ll find it and search it!